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  • What does faq mean?
  • FAQ; Is an abbreviation of the concept of Frequently Asked Questions which is used in almost every sector, especially the computer sector. The discovery of the term often used on the internet and the computer industry is based on much earlier years than the discovery of the internet. Although NASA used the term “FAQ” in the computer field for the first time, Many field FAQs have been used in different ways.


  • FAQs or Frequently Asked Questions are content pages or forms that are created to give users answers to any questions they may have about any topic. These pages give each user answers to the most frequently asked questions instead of providing separate responses and support request responses. FAQ content is a time-saving content type, and it also helps to limit support costs.
  • For the first time, the concept of FAQ, which is widely used in computer and internet sector, has spread to different sectors and different fields over time. For example, by placing FAQs in a vendor’s manuals of a product, the user is able to resolve problems that users may experience without the need for online support lines, and is preparing an FAQ menu for another prepared advertisement content. We can show many similar examples of the use of the FAQ in the modern world.






  • One of the most confusing aspects of the FAQ is that there are two different types of spelling. The first type is the “FAQ” type. In more official sources, spelling is often added as “F.A.Q.“. Both are true and valid spelling.
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