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Eye twitching

  • What is Eye twitching? And how is the Eye twitching treated?
  • Eye twitching is the involuntary contraction of the upper lid of the eye, that is, the muscle spasm that almost every person has.
  • It is not a problem because it is not a dangerous situation, but it is a situation that disturbs the human being.



  • Stress: Stress, which has become an indispensable problem of our everyday life, is in fact a problem that does not affect our bodies and contributes to the eye circles. Learning to cope with stress as a treatment can help.


  • Eye fatigue and dry eye: smart phones, TV and computer screens that have become the indispensable part of our lives today cause eye fatigue, lens wear and age progression. All of this brings with it twitching eyes. It will be good to stay away from big screen devices for several days as a treatment for fatigue, the drugs recommended by your doctor for dryness will be useful. It will also be useful for cold compresses.






  • Vitamin and mineral deficiency: the low magnesium ratio in our blood can cause eye rash. We can make a simple test and check for it and we can come to the end by applying the treatment methods recommended by the doctor.


  • Vision defects: In the case of defects such as eye astigmatism, myopia, etc., it may be the cause of eye sickness, and for this, we can get positive results by applying the method suggested by the doctor.


  • Also some of the symptoms of the disease can also cause eye rashes such as Parkinson’s, MS’s disease, Tourette’s syndrome.


  • Eyesight is actually a problem in a matter of minutes, and if the days become weeks long, a specialist should be consulted immediately.
Eye twitching
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