• What does etnograpy mean?
  • Ethnography is a cultural science that investigates cultural formations by comparing peoples. Greek ethnos and graphean words have come to the point of union. Qualitatively and quantitatively examines the social existence of man. These analyzes are carried out according to field work. He chooses a wholistic method. According to this method, humansociety relation can not be understood as separate things. The tradition is also based on travel writings and reports of colonialism.


  • Every aspect of the life of the social groups in the small structure is in the form of kinship, as well as information that is thorough and in-depth in terms of economy, politics, language or ecology. The increasing civilization of colonialism and the popular community of so-called “primitive” led ethnographers to deal with rural and urban communities in their own societies from now on. It uses the ethnographic survey method that requires the knowledge of the society of the interested community to some extent, writes and organizes the collected information and topics


  • Meaning of ethnography; EIhnos for the genre and the community, and the combination of the grapho words, which means writing, drawing.


  • Ethnography term is the branch of science that makes analysis of human communities depicting material and spiritual cultures as a result of their efforts to dominate the natural world and meet their social needs at various times and places.






  • The description of the lives of the nations and the knowledge of them. It depicts human communities such as tribe. The term appeared at the beginning of the 19th century. It was first used instead of the knowledge of the languages ​​of human communities.


  • Ethnography used the terms of the people as counterparts. Ethnography depicts the material culture that human communities bring to life. Clothing, ornaments, home appliances, hunting, building materials, farming tools, tools for supporting folk arts, the construction of a chop or a cow falls into the habit of ethnography.


  • Features of ethnographic research
  • Involves investigation of very few cases, maybe just one case, in detail.
  • Often involves working with primarily unconstructed data. This data has not been coded at the point of data collection in a closed set of analytic categories.
  • Emphasises on exploring social phenomena rather than testing hypotheses.
  • Data analysis includes interpretation of the functions and meanings of human actions. The product of this is mainly verbal explanations, where statistical analysis and quantification play a subordinate role.
  • Methodological discussions focus on more questions on how to report findings in the field of data collection and interpretation.
  • Ethnographies focus on describing the culture of a group in a very detailed and complex manner. The ethnography can be an entire group or a subpart of it.
  • It includes engaging in extensive field work where data collection is mainly by interviews, symbols, artefacts, observations, and many other sources of data.
  • The researchers in ethnography type of research, looks for patterns of the group mental activities, that are their ideas and beliefs expressed through language or other activities, and how they behave in their groups as expressed through their actions.
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