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Emotional Intelligence

  • What is the emotional intelligence? EQ in Children
  • Emotional Intelligence in Children
  • It is possible to classify intelligence in many ways such as logical, verbal, visual, internal, musical, physical, spiritual and social. However, the most common classification is divided into IQ (Intelligencedynamicmental) and EQ (Emotionalsocialemotional).


  • As a result of the investigations, I found out that the social life in which IQ does not have much relation with life is done with EQ (Emotional Intelligence) completely. Although the height of IQ is born, it is the type of intelligence that is gained by improving EQ. However, tests that measure emotional intelligence unfortunately do not give as accurate results as IQ.


  • If we are going to investigate why emotional intelligence is so important in our children; Emotional intelligence provides advantages for the child. The child is given the ability to understand their own feelings as well as the feelings of others. For example, let’s say your child has placed an IQ with a high-scoring and best-reading grade. Emotional intelligence determines the happiness of the child in school. It is not the IQ but the EQ that determines how you go to school with your colleagues, teachers and later with your colleagues or how much you love your job. The pleasure here is that emotional intelligence is not born, but is developed within children. Teachers and parents have important tasks in this regard. In addition to the child’s innate IQ, it should be aimed at raising children with high EQ. Emotional intelligence can be improved in many ways. For example, carefully designed games and toys help to improve emotional intelligence. A well-chosen game is important for the development of emotional intelligence.






  • Emotions can be extreme and terrible. For this reason, very young children need to be very careful when selecting games and toys. Selected toys in emotional intelligence training must meet the following criteria:
  • 1. Determine the child’s feelings
  • 2. To express the child’s feelings properly
  • 3. To hear and understand what other people want to say about their feelings.


  • These criteria form the basis for the development of emotional intelligence in children. Emotional intelligence is very important for children’s life. Happy children are children who can express themselves, understand others, listen, respect the feelings and thoughts of others. In this case, the development of emotional intelligence alongside IQ will ensure that happy and successful children grow up.
Emotional Intelligence
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