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Dwarf Galaxy

  • What does dwarf galaxy mean?
  • The dwarf galaxy is given to small galaxies containing several billion stars. In spite of the wide elliptical and spiral galaxies, the majority of galaxies in the world are dwarf galaxies. These mini galaxies are up to 1% of the Milky Way Galaxy and contain only a few billion stars. Dwarf galaxies, which are usually around 10 billion stars, have been given this name because they are very small compared to the Milky Way Galaxy with 200-400 billion stars. Not long ago only 100 parsec-wide “extreme galaxies” were discovered.


  • Dwarf galaxies often become the satellites of large galaxies such as the Milky Way, Andromeda, which have large gravitational forces. There are dwarf galaxies that are the satellites of the Galaxy Milky Way; Up to now, 12 dwarf galaxies have been identified that are the satraps of the Milky Way. The largest is the Great Magellanic Cloud of 6 kiloparsec radius. The smaller two are the dwarf galaxies Carène and Leo II with a radius of about 600 parses. The Milky Way Galaxy is estimated to have more than 300-500 “satellite galaxies” waiting to be discovered. Andromeda, the other major galaxy of our Local Group, has the same attitude.






  • Occurrence of dwarf galaxies
  • According to general acceptance in your day, as for the great galaxies, the formation of the dwarf galaxies also has the involvement of the dark matter. The determination of the mass of each of the two dwarf galaxies discovered recently to be 10 million solar masses supports the assumption that most of the galaxies are made of dark matter. Galaxy Evolution Explorer has detected that new dwarf galaxies can form outside of the ultraviolet satellite telescope metal containing gas. (These dwarf galaxies are located in the hydrogen and helium cloud named Leo Ring near the two giant galaxies in the constellation Leo.)
  • Common types of dwarf galaxies
  • Elliptical galaxy: Dwarf elliptical galaxy (dE)
  • Dwarf spheroid galaxy (dSph): Previously used as a subspecies of dwarf ellipticals, it is now considered a separate species of dwarf galaxy.
  • Irregular galaxy: Dwarf irregular galaxy (dI)
  • Spiral galaxy: Dwarf spiral galaxy (dS)
  • Machelian dwarf


  • Some dwarf galaxies list
  • Aquarius
  • Large Magellanic Cloud
  • Canis Major Dwarf Galaxy
  • Carina Dag
  • Draco
  • Fornax
  • I Zwicky 18
  • IC 10 Irregular Galaxy
  • Small Magellanic Cloud
  • Constellation Constellation
  • Leo II Dwarf Galaxy
  • NGC 1569
  • NGC 1705
  • Pegasus Irregular Dwarf Galaxy
  • Phoenix Cow
  • Sagittarius Irregular Dwarf Galaxy
  • Sagittarius Elliptical Dwarf Galaxy
  • Sculptor Dwarf Galaxy
  • Sculptor Irregular Dwarf Galaxy
  • Sextansa
  • Sextans
  • Tucana
  • Willman 1
Dwarf Galaxy
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