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  • What does downtime mean?
  • Downtime is the termination or termination of a service on a computer, network, online program or service due to hardware or software problems. Downtime is a term often used in the web world to convey interruptions of internet servers.


  • The vast majority of network modems, internet servers, and online services specify percentiles as Downtime or Uptime times to give users some idea of ​​how long their services have access to availability. This rate also gives the customer an idea of ​​the quality and serviceability of the service or product.






  • For example, if an internet server specifies only 1% Downtime during a month’s broadcast period, then that result will not be available for 72 minutes in a month. Do not be alarmed by the fact that there is no Downtime time to live for 72 minutes, as this is considered a very natural rate.


  • Generally, products and services with the highest quality of service are offering 1% or lower downtime rates, thus helping to maximize the service life of the product.
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