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Vinegar and Wine

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  • Similarities and Differences Between Vinegar and Wine
  • The wine is an alcoholic drink obtained from a fresh grape syrup and formed as a result of a naturally developing fermentation. The syrup is separated from the resulting grape pomace and the fermentation of the Saccharomyces cerevisiae, known as the fermentation of the wine, transforms the grape into a wine. Fermentation processes for different colored products will be different. If white wine is obtained, a temperature of 10-15 °C for fermentation temperature and 25-30 °C for red wine will be more effective. The main reason why red wine is fermented at a higher temperature is that the color pigments are very important in red wine and that the pigments pass at this temperature to get a better color.


    Vinegar and Wine

  • Vinegar is a food that can be obtained from almost any kind of food containing sugar. It does not have to be age-food, it can also be obtained from dried fruit or juice. The fermentation stage of the cirque leaves the sultan. There is a two-stage fermentation process here. First of all, yeast has a process of smearing sugar, forming ethyl alcohol, and then converting ethyl alcohol into acetic acid, which is taken up by vinegar bacteria.


  • In the production of wine, the product must not be in contact with air, ie no interaction with oxygen. If the wine catches air and remains under a lot of light, it will circulate over time. In vinegar production there is a need for oxygen, as can be understood from this. These two processes, which generally resemble each other, are key points in that the differences in the fermentation phase are two different products.






  • Although vinegar is often seen as a food product in salads, the past has been used medically due to its long history and its disinfectant properties. It is also known that the vetch and lung disorders that are found in the health sector in terms of self-use are offered by the physicians as breathing openers. Nowadays, vinegar is used as a natural fever reducer by the intervention in the houses. It is aimed to lower the fever with the ragged cloths put on the forehead of the people who are raised in the fever.


  • Both products are very beneficial to health when consumed in appropriate conditions and quantities. For example, while a glass of wine you drink per day will be a protective factor in cardiovascular diseases, vinegar you will consume will stand out as a natural agent to fight against harmful microorganisms from health as a powerful disinfectant.
Vinegar and Wine
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