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Male and Female Brains


  • What Are the Differences Between Male and Female Brains?
  • There are differences in structural and neural processing between a male and a female brain. When there is more gray matter in the male brain, there is more white matter in the female brain. Keep reading to learn more about these differences.


  • Did you know?


  • Studies have shown that daily meditation has a positive effect on brain function and that white and gray matter associated with aging tend to decrease.


    female and male brain

  • The only thing that distinguishes a woman and a man is not their physical characteristics. A woman and a man’s brains are not identical either. Both brains have unique features. Their structures, functions and ways of processing information are different. Because men and women have different amounts of white and gray ore, women and men use their brains differently. Differences in male and female brains will be examined below.


  • Size:
  • A male brain is approximately 10% larger than a female brain. The average male brain is approximately 1,260 cm3 in volume, while the average female brain is approximately 1130 cm3 in volume. The average male brain is 1,345 grams, while the average female brain is 1,222 grams. However, brain size is not an intelligence indicator.


  • Gray Matter:
  • At the same time, the outer part of the brain, also called the cortex, ie the gray matter, is responsible for processing the information. The gray matter in a male’s brain is 6-7 times more than a woman. The gray matter, including the nerves of the nerve cells, deals with other sensory perception skills such as hearing and processing of visual input. Motor neurons in the gray matter also aid in the movement of the muscles.


  • White Matter:
  • A female brain tends to have 9.5 to 10 times more white matter than a male brain. White ore contains bundles of nerve fibers carrying information from one processing center to another. It actually connects the different gray matter areas in your brain. The more white matter is, the more brain-connected it is.






  • Thinking:
  • One study suggests that women are more likely to be using white matter than women because they have more white matter, and men may be using gray matter while thinking more gray matter. In short, women and men think differently.


    female and male brain 2

  • Memory:
  • Hippocampus” is the brain region responsible for memory formation and storage. According to men, this memory center in humans is found to be larger in women. It may be a reason why these women remember some things better. When it comes to social skills and memory, it seems that the female brain is more competent than the male brain.


  • Language Processing:
  • The areas of “Broca” and “Wernicke“, ie the brain’s language processing centers, tend to be larger in women than in men. In these areas, the female brain displays more neuron density than the brain male brain. Moreover, MR studies have shown that women use both right and left hemispheres for tongue processing and men use only left hemispheres for tongue processing.


  • Head trauma:
  • Frontal brain injuries can be more harmful in women than in men. The reason for this is that 84% of the gray matter in women’s brains is found in the frontal lobe. In contrast, only 45% of the frontal lobes of men form gray matter. On the other hand, 86% of the white matter in women is found in the frontal lobe while no white matter exists in the frontal lobe of men. In other words, we can say that the gray matter spreads throughout the brains of men. This suggests that head trauma to the frontal lobe may lead to a greater fall in cognitive performance in women than in men.


  • Aggression:
  • Amigdala” is the brain region associated with the processing of feelings such as fear, anger and pleasure. We are aware of the oncoming threats and are usually responsible for the aggression of negative feelings in this area. The amygdala of men’s brains is bigger than that of women. This may be the reason why men are better and more ambitious than women in physical struggles.


  • Normal Processing:
  • Men are better in mathematical and analytical processes than women. Perhaps this is the reason why men take over operations such as budget calculation and billing control for centuries. Women tend to be better at using language skills. For this reason, social skills are higher. Women can use superior language skills while maintaining relationships or organizing social gatherings.
  • Despite significant differences in male and female brains, studies have shown that these differences do not have a significant effect on the perception ability of men and women. Both men and women have achieved very good results in different tests involving cognitive assessments.


Male and Female Brains
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