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internet and www ?

  • What is the difference between the Internet and the WWW?
  • Do you know that the terms “internet” and “WWW” we use frequently are actually different things?
  • The Internet and the “World Wide Web” (WWW) are often used interchangeably today. “Surfing the Web“. But in fact there is a big difference between the two terms. These terms, which emerged at the time when the Internet was born, represent different networks, even though they are used by us for the same thing.


  • Facing the Internet and the World Wide Web
  • The network we know as the Internet consists of two layers. Cabs, servers, routers, switches, computers, and anything that contributes to the formation of a worldwide physical network is called the “Internet“.



internet and www

  • How was the Internet designed?
  • The Internet, based in 1969 on the US Department of Defense’s Advanced Research Project Agency (“ARPAnet”) division’s work to build a strong network for warfare, was a physical network connecting universities, government and military units on defense projects. Over time, ARPAnet turned into a system that we know as the Internet today.
  • The World Wide Web (“World Wide Web“) can be defined as the brain of all these networks. Consider that you are installing software on all hardware and infrastructure that the Internet uses. This will include a lot of software from internet browsers to other software that uses the TCP / IP protocol.
  • What happens when you call a web address from your tablet or PC? If you press Enter, you will be asked for information from the World Wide Web, ie software based web links. Your computer is connected to your internet service provider through your router. For the web address you enter, traffic depends on the configuration of the DNS servers in your domain. Each domain name is registered on the DNS servers in various parts of the world. The DNS server will return the IP address, so your service provider will not know which web pages to open.






  • How was the World Wide Web designed?
  • The WWW is not limited by the hardware or network cables. Web, contents such as online pages, files, music, media, video, downloads are stored on servers or computers and are connected to “internet” in some way.
  • Imagine that each web page hidden on a server is made up of a long list of links to other webmasters. Each link may be pointing to a piece of information, text, media, or more that the Innnet is connected to. Here, the connection of all these links creates the “World Wide Web“.
  • When someone uses the term “internet” instead of “Web“, you do not need to warn it and tell it. But now you know that the Internet represents the physical infrastructure and the World Wide Web represents the software links that bring devices together in this network. Though the two terms are not the same, they both make our life easier by linking our earth with an unimaginable form and have extremely critical presuppositions.


  • The Web is a Portion of the Internet
  • The Web is just one of the ways in which information is distributed over the Internet. Not just the Web, but the Internet is also used for SMTP, Usenet newsgroups, instant messaging and FTP-based email. The Web is, therefore, a part of the Internet, although it is a large part, but the two terms are not synonymous and should not be confused.


internet and www ?
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