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BB Cream and CC Cream

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  • What is BB Cream and CC Cream? Differences and similarities
  • New products are constantly being produced in the cosmetic and personal care sectors. BB creams and CC creams have also taken place among these products produced in line with needs and desires. These products are used for general purposes such as moisturizing the face and at the same time removing the color inequalities in the face. With these features, they are products similar to the foundation and even become an alternative to the foundation. Because they are not heavy products like foundation. They do not block the pores and prevent the skin from breathing. The features and differences are as follows:


    BB Cream and CC Cream

  • BB Cream: These creams with long name Blemish Balm have been started to be used with skin whitening feature at the beginning. Later on, it was started to be used in daily life instead of the foundations with the sounding of the name. These products, which have less coverage than the foundations, are beginning to be used to close the flaws by equalizing the color tones on the skin. These products, which are 3 or 4 different color options such as open skin, medium skin, dark skin according to skin color, are also produced for different skin types at the same time. Matte finish BB creams have been produced for those who want a matte look as well as showing the skin more radiant and healthy.


  • CC Cream: These creams, named Color Corrector, are made for color adjustment. This is also true for BB creams, but CC creams are even more prominent. Preventing redness and yellowing of the skin is used to give the skin a healthier appearance. It is a product that people with a pale face can use to revitalize their skin. CC creams also have many brands and types, such as BB creams. Available in a variety of skin colors and skin types. CC creams also reduce the appearance of fine lines.


  • BB Cream and CC Cream Similarities and Common Features:
  • 1. In both BB creams and CC creams, skin moisturization and daily freshness are available.
  • 2. Both have varieties containing sun protection factor. It can be used comfortably in summer. BB and CC creams with 15 sun protection factor and 30 sun protection factor are widely used.
  • 3. Both have a structure that shows the skin smooth.
  • 4. Another common feature of these creams is that they are produced for men as well. Men with acne and similar skin problems also took their place among the products they preferred to use.
  • 5. Both have varieties with anti-aging properties.
  • 6. Non-concentrated varieties can be used as foundation. You can get facial make-up, which lasts longer.






  • Differences between BB Cream and CC Cream:
  • 1. BB creams have a more dense structure than CC creams. CC has a more oily structure than cream.
  • 2. BB creams are more dense because they contain more moisturizing properties. However, those who have oily skin will benefit from using CC cream.
  • 3. The closing properties of BB creams are more than CC creams.


  • Generally speaking, these products which are not very different from each other, like other products, should use the kind that is suitable for their own skin. It can be applied on the skin with the help of the parmesons, or with the makeup sponge or the kabuki brush.


BB Cream and CC Cream
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