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Diesel Engine

  • What is a Diesel Engine? How does it work?
  • 16 years after the gasoline engine Otto, 1892, was discovered by German engineer Rudolf Diesel. Basically many features are the same with gasoline engines. The only difference is that the compressed air in the piston is not the fuel + air mixture but the air. When the compressed air reaches a certain pressure and lean, the fuel is injected from the high-pressure injector and the piston is pushed downward by the fuel burst in the trapped hot air. This is the main difference with the gasoline engine, but it has advantages and disadvantages.


  • The greatest advantage of a diesel engine is that it is more accurate as a result of the fuel being injected into the air and therefore more efficient. We talked about engine efficiencies which are 20% of petrol engines, and in diesel engines this efficiency is over 40%. In this case, the diesel engine can carry more fuel than the petrol engine with the same amount of fuel. Since the combustion is strong, the traction, ie torque, is greater and the intermediate speeds are better, but they are quickly cut off because they can not make too many cycles (rpm).






  • The reason why they can not make more cycles is because diesel engines consist of a stronger engine block and yet more durable pistons and cylinders. Since more durable material means heavier metal, it is not possible to turn pistons faster than 4000 rpm. The petrol engines can easily reach 6000 rpm.


  • As a result of high-pressure combustion in diesel engines, engine parts produced from higher quality materials increase the cost of the engine. However, maintenance frequency and the occurrence of more serious problems in the event of a fault are also disadvantages. As a result, diesel engines are widely used in areas where there is good power, such as trucks and buses, with good combustion and strong traction. Petrol engines are preferred on smaller vehicles such as passenger cars and jeeps, which require more power.
Diesel Engine
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