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Degree symbol

  • What is the Degree symbol?
  • The degree symbol (°) is a typographic symbol. This symbol is used to express many different field grades, such as angle or air temperatures. It is obtained by drawing a small circle as a superscript. (e.g., 35° 15′ 5″).
  • Degree symbol is in Unicode form + 00B0.


  • With Microsoft Windows, there are several ways to make the degree symbol:
  • One can type keyboard-key nowrap">Alt 248 or Alt 0176
  • Note: “0176” is different from “176”
  • The US-International English keyboard layout creates the degree symbol with AltGr + ⇧ Shift + ;
  • Degree symbol In Microsoft Office or similar programs: There is often also an Insert menu with an Insert Symbol or Symbol command that brings up a graphical palette of symbols to insert, including the degree symbol. (In WordPerfect, pressing Ctrl+W brings up lists of special characters.)


  • Degree symbol In the classic Mac OS and macOS operating systems: The degree symbol can be entered by typing  Opt +  Shift + 8.






  • Degree symbol In iOS: The degree symbol is accessed by pressing and holding 0 and dragging your finger to the degree symbol


  • Degree symbol In LaTeX: The packages gensymb or textcomp that provides the commands \degree or \textdegree, respectively. In the absence of these packages one can write the degree symbol as ^{\circ} in math mode. In other words, it is written as the empty circle glyph \circ as a superscript.


  • Degree symbol In Linux operating systems such as Ubuntu: This symbol may be entered via the Compose key followed by o, o. Some keyboard layouts print this symbol upon pressing AltGr + Shift + 0 (once or twice, depending on specific keyboard layout), and, in programs created by GTK+, one can enter Unicode characters in any text entry field by first pressing Ctrl+ Shift+U+Unicode, regardless of keyboard layout. For the degree symbol, this is done by entering Ctrl+ Shift+UB0.
Degree symbol
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