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Dedicated IP

  • What is Dedicated IP? Dedicated IP Benefits and Dedicated IP SSL
  • Dedicated IP is a dedicated IP address assigned to a single hosting account and dedicated to your use only. While it is not important for most websites to be Dedicated , Dedicated IPs can offer great advantages for Internet sites serving in certain areas.


  • Normally, Web hosting companies use IP addresses that are called Shared IP and are available to many users at the same time. This is not a problem for small-scale internet sites; E-commerce sites, sites with payment systems, authoritative internet sites, internet sites that will use SSL certificates, and sites that over-emphasize SEO (Search Engine Optimization) are more likely to opt for Dedicated IP.


  • You can think of Dedicated IP just like your door number. For example, when you are on a shared hosting, your apartment number changes to 1 while your apartment number is 1. If you have a Dedicated IP address, your apartment number will change and you will have an IP address value that is unique to you and is unlikely to compare to other neighbors.






  • Dedicated IP Benefits
  • Dedicated IP is hard to say that every web site will need it, but we can say that every website has some advantages in extracting it with Dedicated IP address. The advantages of a website with Dedicated IP compared to a website using Shared IP in general are;
  • You can set up an SSL certificate for your site and make your pages more secure.
  • You can access your Internet site directly from your IP address without writing your domain name.
  • Even if your domain name is not available and accessible, you can still do things like access your web and FTP using your IP address.
  • When you get very high traffic, you can see that you are reaching the maximum response time.
  • The query results (SERP) on your internet site get clearer rankings from the spam studies done.
  • Your search engine rankings increase your SEO score.
  • It becomes more difficult for your e-mail server to be accepted as spam by e-mail service providers.
  • Required for third party software and applications.
  • Help users gain confidence in their eyes.
  • It allows you to be at least affected by mistakes made by other internet sites.


  • Dedicated IP SSL
  • If you want to use the HTTPS protocol instead of the HTTP protocol on your internet site and increase the security of your pages through an SSL certificate, you need to have a private and non-shared IP address in order to be able to identify the SSL certificate. However, the company that offers SSL certificates on this site can distinguish you from other publishers and can provide you with a verified security certificate.


  • Unfortunately, you will not be able to set up the installation as you will not get an SSL certificate on the shared IP address. In addition to being able to use the SSL certificate as a Dedicated IP owner, you will also have many other advantages and will consolidate your authority.
Dedicated IP
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