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Data Loss

  • What does data loss mean?
  • Data Loss is the result of data becoming unreachable as a result of any action or effect. In order to experience data loss, data must be erased, erroneously edited, invalid actions taken by the user or software. Data loss refers to major losses at the level that can be achieved by attracting attention to all types of companies and institutions, primarily personal users. Loss of data, especially if we live in the digital world and think our data is now entirely on the virtual servers, can cause all operations of a business or person to be suspended.


  • It can be very easy for a simple computer user to guess how serious the loss in data loss is. Imagine, for example, that a bank’s entire database records have been completely erased as a result of an attack. Yes, this bank will no longer know which customer owes it to him or how much of the customer it is.


  • Data Loss Reasons
  • We can talk about many different reasons for personal or institutional loss of users. Firstly, we can list the causes of the loss of data as follows;
  • Corruption of data
  • Deletion of data intentionally or inadvertently by a hacker on a system user
  • Seizure of the data as a result of the network attack and the encryption of the system via the system
  • Incorporation into a virus system developed for the purpose of data loss
  • Physical disruption to physical disruption or theft


  • Are the most important causes of data loss.


  • Data Recovery Paths, Free Data Recovery methods, ways:
  • There are many ways to try to save a lost data. Many factors, such as the way the data are lost, the data being erased or being overwritten after being overwritten, directly affect the chance of saving the data. How can we save a losing data? And what methods do we need to take to use lost data, deleted files?






  • 1 – Check the Recycle Bin
  • Windows is helping to recover accidentally deleted data with the help of the Recycle Bin, although the deleted data may be requested to be recovered by the owners. Of course this is the most basic method, but if you are a new computer user, you may be skipping this detail. You can recover it by dragging and dropping the data you want via the recycle bin. The recycle bin is specially designed to save data that has been deleted, especially accidentally deleted, even if the modified data does not work.


  • 2- Use Your Backups
  • If you have a backup software that you use consistently on your computer, you can use your backups to restore your computer to the previous state of data loss and save your important data as if you were pulling your hair out of the butter. If you are backing up your data using any backup software up to now, do not worry, perhaps after reading this article you can now use the backup software or make a habit of taking backups manually and you can avoid data loss in the future.


  • 3- Try Recovery Software
  • If you want to save your data even from the recycle bin, you must apply for the software to recover the data you want. There are many different software you can choose to recover deleted data, but we can also recommend Recuva as the most popular and successful data recovery software with users’ comments.
  • Recuva will especially help you find the photos you lost. You can perform rescue operations to use different types of files using just like Recuva-like software.


  • 4- Get Professional Support
  • If your data is of great importance and you can not recover your data with your individual efforts, you can get help from the professional data recovery centers. Data recovery centers perform various operations to recover your diskiniz by processing through your hard disk. The data losses that expert software and hardware use are easily recoverable in data centers. This will probably cost you a little bit, but it will not cost you much more than just saving your data.
Data Loss
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