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  • What does dashboard mean?
  • Dashboard, according to the definition of computer science; Is a visual interface section that helps you quickly view summary information about the contents of any software. This interface allows the logged-in user to receive summary information in a partitioned manner rather than directly viewing the information. In this way, the user may pass the desired partition or have preliminary information about the current processes.


  • Dashboards can sometimes be standardized and sometimes customizable. Dashboard, which has a customization option, allows users to customize this section by adding various widgets or summary information.


  • Dashboard Examples
  • The greatest example of Dashboard for a Webmaster is the summary display screen, which comes in response to the moment you are logged in to WordPress. This screen contains a wide variety of information, such as the words, comments and current updates in WordPress. In addition, the user can update the Dashboard menu and make it more functional thanks to Widget windows.






  • We can see the Dashboard example in countless different software and even in operating systems. For example, in the MacOS operating system, there is a Dashboard screen that can be displayed at the start of the leftmost window, and this Dashboard screen can be customized.


  • Dashboard in Excel
  • In Excel, Dashboard is a section where a summary of complicated calculation sheets for a report document is presented. In this section, the values ​​for all of the complex calculations are given. Instead of checking all the calculations one at a time, the person who needs to review the report on this page can have an idea of ​​the results of the report by simply viewing the Dashboard menu in Excel
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