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  • What is Crossfit?
  • In order to have a healthy body, it is very important to do training and sports as well as balanced nutrition. Crossfit is one of the ways to stay fit in recent times.


  • The crossfit that emerged in America and spread to the world is a highly effective fitness variety. Crossfit is a sport program that aims to improve strength and fitness in general. Crossfitte is the aim of the person to compete with himself and over time. As soon as possible to complete as many moves. It aims to develop ten basic physical features that need to be developed in the body. These features are;
  • 1. Power
  • 2. Flexibility
  • 3. Speed
  • 4. Coordination
  • 5. Work capacity
  • 6. Durability
  • 7. Agility
  • 8. Balance
  • 9. Cardiovascular capacity
  • 10. Explosive force


  • Olympic weightlifting movements, basic gymnastics movements, athletic movements are studied in order to develop these features. Unlike other exercises, these movements aim to run the entire body at the same time. It is a type of workout that can be suitable for all age groups as long as there is no health problem. But it would be useful to get help from a professional before starting the CrossFit training program. It is very important that people who have had any previous disability do so in consultation with a doctor.


  • Crossfit has intense and fast-acting workouts. It is usually done in groups and it also provides socialization. A different program is set for each day. 5 to 20 minutes in the form of circuits are made. These circuits are 6-7 times and are shaped according to the requests of the person and the expectations of this train. Rest periods between circuits are very small. The pulse on this count is high. Continuous high pulse rate accelerates metabolism. Thus, fat burning is accelerated and a more athletic body is available.






  • Crossfit exercises can be done with sports equipment or with your own body weight, depending on your request. Here is the result you want to achieve with crossfit training which is decisive here. It is usually done using weight to improve muscles. Crossfit training is often preferred for success in various competitions, for advanced fitness, for a healthier body, or for reinforcement to other sports branches made. The best feature of Crossfit training is that the target can not be reached more quickly than other types of training.


  • Crossfit should never be done unconsciously. Especially when weighing exercises are carried out, it can cause injuries and muscle injuries if we do not know how to remove weight. That’s why you should get help from a professional coach. Crossfit can also be done in the home environment, rope skipping, weight lifting, squat, push-pull methods can be done. But you have to do these without turning into routine.


  • Crossfit has spread rapidly all over the world. It has been competing in the world under CrossFit games since 2007.
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