• What does criminology mean?
  • Criminology is a scientific teaching that explains crime, examines the causes of criminal behavior, deals with crime prevention and combating guilt.


  • The British writer Thomas More made the birth of criminology by realizing that the limitless crime is less ethical and legal but the search for “sociological” explanation. However, this view which can not be understood at those times will have to wait for the 18th and 19th centuries to see its validity.


  • Although the word criminology is not exactly known, the name paternity is often attributed to P. Topinard, a French physician who lived between 1851 and 1911. However, Italian judge Garofalo published the book La Criminologie (Criminology) in 1855, which made it possible to recognize this science in great measure. From 1855 to 1913, many international congresses were organized under the name of “criminal anthropology” in order to crime and suppress it.


  • Les Horizons Du Droit Penal (New Horizons of the Penal Law), which was influenced by Augusto Comte. Cesare Lombroso had certain affinities with Homo Criminalis (published in two volumes in 1876) and declared his opinion that it was the society’s duty to defend himself against crime. It has thus led to the emergence of the concept of social defense, which foresaw the pioneering of the society, but now has the means to do so.






  • Although criminology is often regarded as a science of observation, a coherent strategy can help the community to become a mainstream in putting society on a more peaceful level by prioritizing the in-depth response of the response to crime. Criminology was not only born of the inadequacies of criminal law, but also took an active role in determining the conditions of its renewal.


  • Criminology, which is also defined as the causes of crime, is such a wide field of science that many other social sciences such as sociology, psychology, medicine, and psychiatry benefit from the sciences that are effective on human beings. In parallel with the developments in these sciences, criminology will develop itself and undertake the task of community medicine in achieving community health.


  • Criminology, which was born out of the inadequacies of the war against the crime, still can not sit still more fully. This is based on the lack of knowledge of science and the application of loose policies by politicians. It is not difficult to reach peace with a science based on libertarian understanding that will lead the way when it is important to fight crime. As a result of Roger Hood and Richard Sparks observations in the criminology department, criminology is considered a rational approach to social crime rather than a type of social service.
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