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CPU Limit

  • CPU Limit is the CPU usage limit that each of the Web Hosting users can define and handle the server’s processor at maximum. Thanks to this limit, Web Hosting companies ensure that all customers have a fair use, and that some users are consuming excessive CPU, which prevents other internet sites from experiencing problems such as slowing down.


  • What does CPU Limit mean?
  • The CPU Limit rate may vary depending on the user providing each Web Hosting service. Generally, the ideal ratio offered by many firms is around 10% to 35%. As long as your CPU consumption values ​​are below these values, there is no problem, but when this value is exceeded, the system will automatically suspend your account and keep your website disabled to protect the server and other service receivers.


  • When your account is suspended due to the CPU limit, sometimes the hosting company can send you a warning message to direct you to reduce your CPU usage. Some companies may ask you to buy an upper package option after a CPU problem and allow your account to hang up until the end of the month if you do not switch to the upper package.






  • CPU usage rate limits are usually included in hosting contracts or sales contracts of hosting companies. You will be deemed to have committed to not exceeding this rate by purchasing services from Hosting Company and you will accept sanctions that you will face if you exceed this rate.


  • CPU Usage Why rise?
  • There are many reasons behind the increased CPU utilization. Nevertheless, we can illustrate the following items as the most important reasons for the CPU limit being experienced;
  • The software used on your website needs a lot of resources. Software that consumes too many software resources may also experience high CPU consumption problems.
  • Traffic to your website is really higher than your hosting package. All users who enter your site and are operating on your site have an impact on the CPU rate.
  • Optimization of the server has not been done properly. This may cause the CPU to increase.
  • A piece of software or software you are using may be faulty and may cause the CPU to become obsolete because it tries to perform erroneous operations.
  • An open Internet hacker on your system may have caught the attention of hackers or malicious people. In particular, malicious people who have caught exploits that can generate a large number of back-to-back queries can use these vulnerabilities to get your account suspended or disabled within minutes.


  • Reducing CPU Usage
  • If your account has to be permanently disabled due to a CPU limit problem, or if your CPU usage rate is consistently high, you may be able to reduce the CPU rate through some optimization process. To reduce the CPU usage rate;
  • Use an overloaded CPU to find out what caused it
  • If your web site traffic or the structure of the software is so advanced and rooted that it can not be accommodated in a hosting, you can borrow VDS on a VPS and continue broadcasting from these virtual servers.
  • Make use of Cache to prevent excessive consumption due to queries from your website.
CPU Limit
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