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  • What does cosplay mean?
  • Cosplay is a game of animating a game, book, movie, anime or manga character by using accessories and various costumes. The origins of this art brought from the combination of the words “Costume” and “play” in English are the Asian continent and far eastern countries. The theme of cosplay studies is fantasy, drama, magic, love and so on. There can be many issues. In modern times, we see the most realistic Cosplay examples as animations of animated characters, play and movie characters.


  • The most important difference that distinguishes cosplay from an ordinary costume is that it is drawn from the lines of the costume and reflected to the truth. Contrary to ordinary costumes, unrealistic and supernatural characters in Cosplay are portrayed as artifacts made by the artist. It is not an expensive hobby, as it is thought of as a cosplay art that is seen as a very entertaining art and social activity all over the world. If the artist wishes, he can bring about a high-quality and high-quality cosplay work with low budget work.


  • A person who makes a presentation of a Cosplay work by turning it into a presentation is called Cosplayer. In order for the cosplay work to create a realistic stage feast, not only the costume but also the costume wearer must be compatible with the character to be animated. For this reason, it is very important that people who participate in Cosplay studies have theatrical skills.


  • Cosplay
  • Cosplay work is a lot of different purposes, but the greatest aim is to entertain people. Cosplay art, which is usually performed as a hobby, today, we have the chance to see at festivals of shopping and similar events at shopping center events.
  • In countries such as Japan, where Cosplay art is the starting point, we can say that the number of cosplay cafés and cosplay events that this art is performed exclusively is quite high. Contrary to what we thought, we are not so far from the cosplay world as the country. Cosplay studies have been presented in various events and competitions in our country in recent years. In Cosplay competitions developed under the leadership of big companies and companies, the aim is to make the most realistic and impressive Cosplay work, to get the highest score by the jury’s guests.






  • How to make Cosplay?
  • As a hobby, if you want to be a Cosplayer, there is a long way to go in front of you. Fortunately, this road is not wrapped in poisonous vines as you would think in many sources. Cosplay is an art form, and if you feel yourself like an artist, you have to take pleasure in what you need to do and give yourself your art entirely. Of course there are the following steps you should follow;


  • Choose Cosplay Character
  • The first step in getting started with cosplay is to pick a character that attracts your interest and that you can be really admired for. Knowing all the characteristics of the character will also give you an advantage in the theatrical scene and the costume field. The character you choose can be American, Japanese, Chinese or Turkish. Also, keep in mind that you can get your character from a show, movie, game, comic book, anime, manga and even a brand.


  • Prepare Your Cosplay Costume
  • Of course you will use the most challenging area of ​​cosplay art to bring you to the costume. You may be able to purchase a Cosplay costume as well, but of course Cosplay’s greatest will be your own costume of your own. While preparing your costume;
  • Consider the weather conditions In the summer, an Iron Man cosplay can completely evaporate you and cause you to be destroyed.
  • Consider your body measurements and make sure that the character you choose overlaps with your body measurements. If you are very pale, do not go for the characters that are actually weak.
  • Collect the materials you need for your costume. For example, if you need a whip, it will be more sensible and unattended to get ready than to do it from scratch. Without forgetting, you will need a matching footwear for Cosplay.
  • Do not even think about wearing sport shoes under your beautiful costume.
  • Get the appropriate fabrics from the bazaars selling fabrics for your costume needs. If you have tailoring ability, with the help of these fabrics,
  • You can prepare your cosplay costume. If you do not have the talent, you can cut a piece of costume and sew a decent tailor.
  • After you prepare your costume, try it in a suitable environment and try to get used to the clothes. You can even put yourself in fashion by walking around in the house for quite a while.


  • Exhibit your Cosplay Work
  • Your cosplay work is now ready and ready to show. If you are a costumer and you trust yourself, you can now take professional photos with your costume and even start working on your costume. We can also give you some ideas about this;
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