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  • What does cookies mean?
  • Cookies are text-based files that are first registered with your computer by some Internet sites that were introduced in 1994 with Netscape 0.9. This recorded data is harmless and is stored for future use on the next visit of the user.


  • Browser Cookies
  • For the first time browser cookies were introduced in 1994 with the 0.9 version of Netscape. When we log in to some pages of web sites, we store a set of text based data with the help of cookies so that we do not have to repeat the same operations. When we log in to these internet sites again, internet sites prevent duplication of unnecessary operations by taking advantage of cookies saved in my computer. At this point, we do not have to do the same operations again and again, and we have a great deal of time.


  • For example, when you log in to the What is the wik site and select the “Remember me” option, some data is logged into your computer. The next time you log in, the cookies we give this cookie name will automatically come in and save us from having to log in to the site from scratch.


  • Cookies are one of the biggest helpers for the personalization of internet users today. So much so that we do not have to repeat many operations on this site and we allow our cookies to help us in a safe way. If you think that cookies are not safe, then you have a chance to close cookies through your internet browser. Lakin needs browser cookies to be able to serve many web site users today.


  • Delete Cookies
  • Below is how you can delete cookies for all popular internet browsers. You can clear your browser’s cookies in less than a minute by following the instructions on the internet browser you are using;






  • Deleting Cookies in Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • Open Internet Explorer.
  • Click on the gear icon in the right corner.
  • Scroll down to the Security tab and log in to Clear your viewing history.
  • Make sure that the cookies are checked here and then do the deletion.
  • Delete Cookies in Google Chrome


  • Deleting Cookies in Google Chrome
  • Open Google Chrome
  • Click the Options menu on the right.
  • Login to Settings from the drop-down menu.
  • In the settings, type “Cookies” in the search bar and click Clear browsing data in the corresponding results.
  • Once you have selected the process you want to delete, make sure the cookies are checked from the marked options menu.
  • Finally, click Clear Browsing Data.
  • Deleting Cookies in Mozilla Firefox


  • Deleting Cookies in Mozilla Firefox
  • Open Mozilla Firefox.
  • Touch the options menu in the right-hand corner and click Settings.
  • Switch to the privacy tab.
  • Mark the cookies under the History option and perform the cleanup process.
  • Deleting Cookies in Safari


  • Deleting Cookies in Safari
  • Open Safari.
  • Click the gear icon in the right corner.
  • In the window that opens, click Options (Preferences).
  • From the Privacy tab, select cookies from under and apply the deletion.
  • Deleting Cookies in Opera


  • Deleting Cookies in Opera
  • Open Opera.
  • Log in to Settings from the menu on the right.
  • Open the Privacy and security tab on the left.
  • From the Cookies tab, click the “All cookies and site data” button.
  • Delete all cookies or cookies you want from the window that opens.
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