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  • What does continent mean? The continents of the world
  • The continent or the mainland is the large pieces of land that make up the earth.
  • There is no single standard that identifies the continent, so different cultures and sciences have different lists of what to interpret as continents. In general, a continent must be large-area, not submerged, and have significant geological boundaries. Some consider it to be four or six continents at most, while the most common use counts seven continents. But it is commonly known as the seven continents. Some see Africa, Europe and Asia as places of Eurasia, but this is not a separate continent, as you might think, it is only the nickname of that region.



  • The (intermediate) continents that are said to be separate:
  • Australia
  • Oceania







Continent Notes Area (km²)

Area (mi²)


Population Percent
total popul.
Most populous
city (proper)
Africa Includes the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt. 30,370,000 11,730,000 20.4% 1,186,178,000 16.1% Lagos, Nigeria
Antarctica Population is non-permanent and varies. 13,720,000 5,300,000 9.2% 4,490 0.0% McMurdo Station
Asia Includes East Thrace (Turkey) and Western New Guinea (Indonesia), excludes Russia and Egypt. 43,820,000 16,920,000 29.5% 4,393,296,000 59.8% Shanghai, China
Europe Includes Asiatic Russia, excludes Turkey. 10,180,000 3,930,000 6.8% 738,442,000 10.0% Moscow, Russia
North America Includes Central America and the Caribbean. 24,490,000 9,460,000 16.5% 573,777,000 7.8% Mexico City, Mexico
Australia Excludes Indonesia. 9,008,500 3,478,200 5.9% 39,331,000 0.5% Sydney, Australia
South America   17,840,000 6,890,000 12.0% 418,447,000 5.7% São Paulo, Brazil
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