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  • What is Code? Code Writing and Code Learning
  • The code is the address given to the entire list of hosts in the software language. They have many other software functions, such as how to respond to a situation, which states to call, and in what instant situations can occur. At the moment this page has been created from code lines consisting of hundreds of lines even if you have read the page. You can see the codes used to create this page with the option Show page source from your browser.


  • Write Code
  • Writing or developing code means adding software code from scratch in order to develop software that can be used to create software from scratch. With the help of the codes, the operating systems we use in our everyday life are brought to internet browsers, internet sites and much more. Writing a code is not only a talent job, but also requires you to have great technical knowledge.
  • Writing a code is just like writing a poem. Technically speaking, when you learn a programming language, you first learn which codes work and what their functions are. It is entirely your imagination to create a whole from small pieces by bringing them together as you wish later.


  • Code Learning
  • Before you can learn coding, you must first learn the logic of software languages ​​and then start learning the simplest software languages. No software language is easy to learn and specialist in just a few hours. Learning to encode can be likened to learning a foreign language.






  • As we learn a foreign language, we learn how the alphabet is read and how the letters are written. We learn the words at the later stage and the structure of the language at the next stage. However, once we have overcome all these steps and learned this technical knowledge, we can establish perfect or understandable statements. The same is true for a programming language. First you need to know how the functions of the codes are then used in what situations, then you need to find out how you can bring those codes to the whole thing.


  • In order to begin learning coding, that is to say learning programming, you must first determine your area of ​​interest. For example, if you want to develop web applications such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL and so on. you will need to concentrate on programming languages ​​such as Visual Basic, C, C # and C ++ (cplusplus) for programming a computer software when you need to learn languages.


  • After identifying your reasons for this, find out what foreign languages ​​are at your disposal and then do a short search on the software languages ​​for your area. Once you have learned what software language is recommended for you, then you are ready to learn a software language by collecting your resources, so that you can learn another code.
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