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Close Acne With Makeup

  • Is It Possible To Close Acne With Makeup?
  • Civilizations represent a situation that disrupts the overall appearance, makes the skin look worse, finishes facial aesthetics, distracts the eye and is bad enough to create a bad image, and can cause problems in the eyes of the skin, such as the detonation of the nails or the attack of the nails. For this reason, it is becoming more important to hide them without touching them. It is possible to conceal the pimple with the makeup techniques that are essential for women. If you do not have a big skin problem and your pimple is a normal size, it’s in your hands not to show this pimple.


  • First, do not touch the acne. Definitely, but definitely not try to blow up the acne. This will force you to close the pimple that you think you are going to do, and it will even lead you to be unable to interfere with the wound acne area with any makeup material. There is no point in raising the rage, the wing of acne and the skin of that area.


  • Then it is necessary to get rid of apparently from acne, ie to dry it. A day before the drying process, applying acne tincture with a tool such as ear cotton will allow the acne to dry out until the next day.






  • Later, makeup can start. Particularly in sudden acne formations, getting rid of these acne by doing makeup is quite normal. Recreate the tincture dyestuff you made the day before, 2 or 3 hours before you make up. After the time has elapsed, apply your facial make-up stabilizer. After that, dip in a cotton pad, then squeeze the cotton. With the help of cotton which is dipped into the thong and frayed, apply your foundation in dark color and liquid form onto the sparkler. Afterwards, apply your sealant on your acne and finally complete the procedure by rubbing the foundation on the skin.


  • In makeup and pimple hiding process, foundation cream and tincture items come out. By means of these materials, the nausea that your skin is consuming more fatty foods or showing itself on your skin as a reaction to your body on special occasions, can be hidden with simple makeup techniques. You will be able to spend your day in peace with your skin without experiencing any difficulties in your social life, continuing your discussions, work or meetings, or lacking any self-confidence.
Close Acne With Makeup
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