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  • What is the cinema?
  • Cinema is the job of dividing any movement into pieces at regular intervals to determine their pictures and then to reproduce the movement by projecting them on a screen in a dark place with the aid of a viewer.
  • The hall or the structure where the images are reflected on the white screen by a special machine for filming is also called cinema. The first film was called the magic lanterne magique.
  • Cinema is regarded as the seventh art.
  • Cinema’s invention
  • By using eye and brain perceptions, they were already benefiting from the invention of cinema. And the invention of the cinema was made in 1832 and 1834, and Thomas Edison made a successful test in 1890, showing 40 points in the second.
  • But in 1895, those who invented the first cinema we know were Augustus and Louis Lumière Brothers, with 11-kg movie theaters. On February 13, 1895, they obtained a patent for France.
  • They showed the cinematograph machine in Paris on 22 March 1895 and in Lyon on June 10.
  • On December 28, 1895, the first movie theater with a capacity of 120 people was opened in “Grand Cafe” in Paris. 25 people watched this show which was paid.
  • The first movies were outdoors. These films had neither script nor manager. These include documentary interviews with films such as “Workers from the Lumiere Factory“, “Entrance to the Trenin Ciotat Station“, “Beach Side Bathing Stage” and films that set daily hayat stages with “Piguet Party “and so on. It was activity films. In France, as well as in Germany, in Britain and in the United States, cinema has quickly become one of the most attractive parts of the fair. Shortly after these developments, filmmakers began to translate more feature-length and feature-length films. J. Rector shot a 3,500-foot elephant in a boxing match in Carson City. This film was met with great interest by the American people who are fond of spores and especially boxing. Edwin S. Porter, a director of the Edison Company, also translated the film “The Great Train Robbery” from one of his film credits. This film is the beginning of cinematography in today’s sense.
  • Since the day cinema’s was invented, it has been the subject of war scenes and war films, but it emerged during World War I as a species of its own. These films, mostly with anti-war attitudes, caused the masses to encourage war at the same time, or they acted as propaganda.
  • Cinema Economy
  • Cinema sector in general; North America, EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa), Asia Pacific and Latin America. Nearly half of the global sector size of about $ 90 billion is in the North American region. The EMEA ranks second with about 27-28 billion dollars. Asia Pacific is in the third place with approximately 20 billion dollars share. Latin America is the weakest chain of the chain with an average of 2-3 billion dollars.
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