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  • What is Chrome Canary? Google Chrome Canary and Chrome Canary Download
  • Chrome Canary (Chrome Canary) is a version of Google Chrome that is less stable and published for developers. The Canary version contains more than the features included in the alpha version of Google Chrome. The reason for this is that the Canary version is being offered by developers that have recently been released and are open to testing.


  • Features intended to be included in Chrome will first be published in the Canary version to test the developer’s features that are considered for inclusion. This ensures that Google Chrome is more stable and trouble free. The data obtained in the Canary version is ultimately reviewed by the developer of Google Chrome, and a healthier development process is followed.






  • Google Chrome Canary
  • The Canary version of Google Chrome has some characteristic features. For this reason, only the software and plugin developers are required to test the Chrome Canary version. Here are some of the known characteristics of Chrome Canary:
  • Canary version is a kind of quarantine version. If any change in Canary causes the software to crash, Canary can be locked.
  • Canary is less stable compared to developer versions.
  • Some features not yet included in alpha and developer version are included in the Canary version. These features are removed from the developer version if the added features are not considered to be beneficial to the user.
  • Even if your computer has an installed version of Chrome, Canary can run on the system without conflict.
  • Unlike other Chrome versions, Canary has yellow and blue icon coloring.
  • Canary can not be assigned as the default internet browser on the system where it is installed.
  • Automatic updates often crash.
  • You can log in with multiple user accounts while using Canary, just like in other versions.


  • Chrome Canary Download
  • If you are a developer or want to try the most up to date features of Chrome; For Windows, Mac OS X or Android platforms, you can download the current version of Canary by html“>clicking here.
Chrome Canary
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