• What is Catholic? Facts and information about Catholicism:
  • Catholic is the person who is attached to the Roman Catholic Church. The Uniat (Eastern Catholic) churches, which have accepted the Papal authority, are also included in this group. Catholic is called to those who are affiliated to Catholicism (Christian).


  • Origin
  • The Catholic word is derived from the Greek word katholikos (universal).
  • Catholics are members of the Roman Catholic Church and bring the most common denomination of the Christian world to the square. Catholics maintain that this movement was founded by Peter from the first apostles of Jesus.


  • Catholicism; Is a philosophical movement that attempts to harmonize Catholic dogmas with contemporary science. Catholicism speaks of the sect that recognizes Papa as the president in Christianity. Until the emergence of Protestantism, this understanding was dominated by Europe throughout the Middle Ages, not all Christianity. It is derived from the word ‘to katalou‘ which means ‘universality‘ in Greek.


  • At the same time Agustinus is used to mean a contemporary religious philosophy that wants to revive art. Catholicism developed in accordance with the ages of Saint Agustunus and Saint Thomas is also used to mean philosophy. This philosophy counts the Roman church as the body of Christ and unites the God-Jesus-Church-Human into a coherent unity.






  • At the same time, the Church was the state and the Holy Roman Empire. The basic structure of the Catholic philosophy stipulated a commitment to God in a state-supported understanding of Plato and Aristotle, before the Church adhered to God. This attitude had a realistic meaning in the political and social structure of the Middle Ages. A broad Catholic organization that covers all of Europe; With the emergence of Protestantism, Christianity was drawn to the limits of being a sect.


  • Catholic philosophy is in fact the philosophy of the religious institution called the Catholic Church. This religious institution; The Holy Spirit believes that he comes from both God and his Son Jesus, and is based on the understanding of accepting the papan’s religious presidency as well as features such as hell existence, Virgin Mary worship, mandatory bachelorism of priests.


  • Based on Catholicism; Is the belief that Peter died in Rome and left the Bishop of Rome (the Pope). Other pisas are also considered to be the successors of the 12 apostles of Jesus. The church is universal, so space and time are always one and one. This unity can be achieved when the pope is regarded as the chief Christian. When Protestantism and Orthodoxy oppose this concept, Catholicism has become a Christian denomination.


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