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ISO image

What is ISO image? Making an ISO File ISO is the file extension of all the files inside a CD or DVD. An ISO image is an archive file of an optical disc, a type of disk image composed of the data contents from every written sector on an optical disc, including the optical disc ..

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What is Firefox? Download Firefox and Reset Firefox

What is Firefox? Download Firefox  and Reset Firefox Mozilla Firefox, or Firefox in short, is a free web browser developed by the Mozilla Foundation. Firefox, a top-of-the-line browser among today’s web browsers, was developed on March 31, 1998 to offer an alternative browser to Netscape users.   Firefox, a non-profit, user-focused and user-friendly interface that connects dozens of ..

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UDID (Unique Device Identifier)

What is UDID? UDID Registration Inquiry and UDID Registration a UDID (Unique Device Identifier) ​​is a set of HEX numbers consisting of 20 bytes of 40 characters in length. These numbers, which are considered to be the entirety of devices using Apple’s iOS operating system, are used to identify and identify your specific privileges provided ..

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What is WordPress? WordPress Setup and WordPress Usage WordPress is a content management system (CMS) using PHP and MySql. The GPL-licensed WordPress, which was started to be developed in 2001, is considered to be the continuation of the B2 / Cafelog project. WordPress is an open source web software that can be edited and published ..

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What is htaccess? Htaccess Forwarding (Routing) and htaccess Rewriterule Htaccess is a kind of setup file that can be created on the server itself or can be created by the user and helps to give some useful commands to your web site. The htaccess file is located on Linux operating system servers and helps to ..

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What is CMS? CMS Software

  What is CMS? CMS Software and CMS Installation CMS (Content Management System) is web software that helps you to create easily manageable web sites via internet. With CMS software, even if you do not have any coding knowledge, you can customize the content to a manageable website within minutes, customize it and immediately make ..

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What is Advertorial? Advertorial Advertisement and Advertorial Advertisement Example Advertorial is an ad that is integrated with the content and served as an editorial content to the target audience. It was first used in 1946 and it has been used for advertising for years. In advertorial advertisements, instead of offering the ad directly, the target ..

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Geothermal Energy

What is Geothermal energy?  Geothermal energy is the only type of energy extracted from underground and completely edible. The geothermal word comes from the combination of the words “Geo” meaning “earth crust” in Greek and “Therme” meaning “heat“. Geothermal energy is the heat energy stored in the earth’s crust. While the hot magma in the ..

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