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Geothermal Energy

What is Geothermal energy?  Geothermal energy is the only type of energy extracted from underground and completely edible. The geothermal word comes from the combination of the words “Geo” meaning “earth crust” in Greek and “Therme” meaning “heat“. Geothermal energy is the heat energy stored in the earth’s crust. While the hot magma in the ..

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What is the Lava? About Lavas, Towns destroyed, damaged by lava Lava is molten rocks that come out during the volcanic eruption. The volcano is liquid when it first exits from its mouth and its temperature is between 700 ° C and 1200 ° C (1300 ° F and 2200 ° F).   Although the lava is ..

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What is the Windsock? About windsocks. Windsock; Which is used to detect the direction and intensity of the surface wind, which is parallel with the inside when it is filled with air and turns into the wind, fabric etc. It has a large mouth, which usually welcomes the wind, and a narrow outlet that releases the ..

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What is the wind? Reasons of wind, types of wind: The wind is a natural, mostly horizontal movement of air in the atmosphere close to Earth’s surface. The basic driver of the air movements is that the atmospheric pressure has different values ​​between regions. The wind is a flow of air displaced between the low ..

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What is the Microclimate? What does Microclimate mean? Microclimate (micro-climate) refers to the climate of the floor about 2 meters high, or the climate in a distinct and small area (for example between buildings in a city). Microclimate is a small climate area that separates from the surrounding macro-macro features. Small-area climate, micro climate can be ..

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mountain range

About mountain range. What does Mountain Range mean? The mountain range is a mountain community formed by the merging of many mountains.   It separates one from the other, the rivers from the other, and the earth forms similar to it. Some mountains in the same mountain range may have different geological features than others. ..

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What is the Mountain? Characteristics of mountains, Mountain varieties, Mountains higher than 8,000 meters: The mountain is the name given to land masses which are higher than the terrestrial areas around it. The term “mountainous” is used to describe areas associated with mountains and covered areas. There are many mountains in the world and their origin ..

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What does continent mean? The continents of the world The continent or the mainland is the large pieces of land that make up the earth. There is no single standard that identifies the continent, so different cultures and sciences have different lists of what to interpret as continents. In general, a continent must be large-area, ..

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