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The last element in the Earth's core

The last element in the Earth’s core is also defined It is well known that the inner core of the earth is mostly composed of iron (about 85%). The amount of nickel is around 10%. However, the remaining 5% keeps the mystery. The Japanese research team has been looking for this missing element for decades ..

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The World's 10 Most Dangerous Active Volcanoes

Wik’s What is the most “x” (searching words) alphabetic list The World’s 10 Most Dangerous Active Volcanoes: Once upon a time, the volcanic eruptions were thought to be the punishment of the gods. Nowadays, we know that volcanic eruptions are the result of the shining of the cave by the mantle along the ventilation holes in ..

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What is Pressure? Pressure formula, Pressure of an ideal gas, Solids and liquid pressure, Pressure units: Pressure is the amount of steady force acting on a surface, per unit area. Solids, liquids and gases apply a force to the surface due to their weight. The force acting on the unit surface perpendicular to the surface is called the pressure (P), and ..

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What is Atmospheric pressure? Standard pressure, Pressure levels, QNH, QFE, Pressure Altitude Atmospheric pressure or barometric pressure; Is the unit force applied by the atmospheric column on a given surface. The atmospheric pressure is usually measured by bar and aneroid (liquid-free) barometers. In other words; The gases that make up the atmosphere have a certain weight. The pressurized atmosphere that the gases ..

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What is Artesian? (Artesian aquifer) Information about artesian system, well. The artesian term is used for situations where the groundwater in the wells above the water level is elevated. The word artesian, in France; Comes from the town of Artois near Calais, the first artesian well in Europe opened in 1126 and still flowing.   ..

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Petroleum - Oil Reserves

What is Petroleum? Information about petroleum, naphtha Petroleum, naphtha or ground oil; It is composed of hydrocarbons, more dense than water, dark colored, untreated, has its own odor, is natural flammable mineral oil extracted from underground. It is made up of the words “petra” meaning “stone” in Latin and “oleum” meaning oil (Petra oleum = Petrol). In many ..

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difference between jungle and forest

Wik’s What is the difference between “x” and “y” alphabetic list What is the difference between Jungle and Forest? The word jungle begins with the word jangala, which means “barren, rarely a tree-growing zone” in Sanskrit. From here, Indians turn into jangal word meaning “desert, forest, barren soil, unplanted soil“. In the colonial years (1776), probably ..

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Geothermal Energy

What is Geothermal energy?  Geothermal energy is the only type of energy extracted from underground and completely edible. The geothermal word comes from the combination of the words “Geo” meaning “earth crust” in Greek and “Therme” meaning “heat“. Geothermal energy is the heat energy stored in the earth’s crust. While the hot magma in the ..

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