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Can Epileptic Women Be Pregnant?

  • Can Epileptic Women Be Pregnant?
  • The popular name “sara” or “epilepsy“, is on the agenda with known wrongs in society. One of these is pregnancy. However, 90 percent of female patients with epilepsy treatment can be mothers.
  • The probability of a healthy birth is 90 percent
  • Some of the taboos related to epilepsy, a neurological problem, are being torn down. One of those tablets is pregnancy. Patients who are regularly checked during the pregnancy process are now 90 percent likely to bring healthy babies to the world. Medical professionals are now 90 percent. Women who have epilepsy can conceive and breastfeed their babies comfortably, according to the drug treatment, about 70 percent of patients can become seizure-free. Of course during the pregnancy process you need to continue your doctor’s supervision.


  • Symptoms of epilepsy
  • What is the main indication of epilepsy, which is epileptic? Epilepsy patients may experience abnormal odor, numbness in the body, withdrawal in the mouth, seizures in the hands, contractions in the legs, and attacks that are completely self-destructive. The most common age of epilepsy is the transition period. Attacks can manifest themselves in childhood, in adolescence, or in the 60’s of 50’s.






  • What to do, what not to do?
  • There are also points that should be taken care of by the relatives of epilepsy patients. First of all, we need not panic. Putting objects in the mouth of the patient or holding smelly objects in his face is a few of the traditional mistakes. What needs to be done is to raise the patient’s size and push the jaw down a little and open the mouth slightly. If the attack in the patient is a contracted attack that lasts for about 1-2 minutes, it is absolutely necessary to call an ambulance and get it to the hospital.
  • What should patients pay attention to prevent or reduce seizures? According to experts, epilepsy patients should pay attention to healthy eating and sleep patterns. These people should not be awakened suddenly and eat their food regularly. Staying out of the sun and staying away from bright lights is the point where patients should pay attention.
Can Epileptic Women Be Pregnant?
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