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  • What does breadcrumb mean?
  • Breadcrumb is an easy-to-understand, hierarchical navigation menu that consists of links and informs the user about where the site is located. With breadcrumb menus, users who visit the page can easily switch to other parts of the website and benefit from more content on the site.


  • The breadcrumbs have a physical structure that goes from beginning to end. For example, a navigation menu in the form of Computer> Laptop> X Brand is a Breadcrumb. As you can see in this example, we can easily understand that the computer category of the site is in the X-mark section of the laptop sub-category. If you do not mind, we can easily switch to other categories of the site with the links in this navigation menu.


  • Breadcrumb is not only a tool that enhances the user experience, but it also helps internet sites improve the SEO score. Like many services, search engines are sympathizing with transparent and easy-to-use Internet sites that facilitate the user’s work.






  • Breadcrumb SEO
  • It is clear that Breadcrumb has many positive effects on SEO. Because this system not only makes it easier for users to work, but also helps search engines find their pages easily on their boots. Quickly switching pages and seeing hierarchical bots do the browsing process easily, and link bindings allow you to easily perform a discovery scan between other directories without losing track.
  • Apart from these, we should also note that using breadcrumbs has other positive effects on SEO;
  • Thanks to Breadcrumb, even if you are not aware, a rather hierarchical internal linking scheme is being introduced. Moreover, this layout is quite basic and fairly simple, and it does not mislead users and helps them.


  • Breadcrumb links all have an Anchor Text value, and search engine bots reading this Anchor Text content may have more information about what those links are about.


  • Breadcrumb without WordPress Plugin
  • There are a number of practical ways you can include the Breadcrumb feature in WordPress, but you can also include the Breadcrumb feature in WordPress without an add-on. Add the following code at the bottom of your WordPress theme’s Functions.php file (if appropriate, if you have coding knowledge).


function sly_rdfa_breadcrumb() {


    $category = get_the_category();

    $breadcrumb = get_category_parents($category[0]->term_id, TRUE, ”);


    $varolan = array(“”>”,”<a href=””,”title=””,”</a>”);

    $degister = array(“”><span itemprop=”title”>”,”<div itemscope itemtype=”http://data-vocabulary.org/Breadcrumb”><a href=””,”itemprop=”url” title=””,”</span></a>&nbsp;›&nbsp;</div>”);

    $breadcrumb = str_replace($varolan, $degister, $breadcrumb);

    echo( $breadcrumb );



  • Then find the place where you want to show Breadcrumb in your text in your Single.php file and paste the lines at the bottom.

<? Php sly_rdfa_breadcrumb (); ?>

  • If you have CSS knowledge, you will be able to extrapolate the layout and shape the Breadcrumb section as you like, so that you can match the design of your site with one another.
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