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Bounce rate

  • What does bounce rate mean?
  • Bounce rate is a term used to analyze web traffic in internet marketing. Bounce rate is the percentage of users who visit an individual page on the site of an internet user and leave the site without viewing other pages on the same site. Bounce rate is often used in the field of measuring the continuity of visitors to the internet site.


  • A low bounce rate is a good thing for internet sites with many types of content. The lower the bounce rate is, the more users who access the website find the site so interesting and need to visit the other pages of that site. If the bounce rate is too high, it means that the website is not attracting enough attention from the users due to the content or for different reasons and does not provide the continuity of the visit.


  • In spite of all this, the high rate of bounce rate may not always mean that your website has failed. For example, if internet users looking for dictionary entries or a specific description give the best information on the internet page, it may be that it only reaches that page because it needs that content.


  • If the user who is interested in the history of an activity comes to your site and obtains the information he / she needs, it would not make sense to start surfing on the other pages of the site because the user will come and respond to specific information needs. In order to reach a judgment with the Bounce Rate, the account will also have to participate in the recycling rate, which we can give many more examples, such as the duration of the visit to the site.






  • Bounce Rate Google Analytics
  • A bounce rate does not mean that a user wants to leave your pages within seconds after visiting your pages. It is desired to be told with the bounce rate; Users who visit your page have left your site directly without visiting other pages of your internet site. We have also mentioned above that a low or successful bounce rate ratio can be considered a success tag according to various criteria.
  • For a user to be included in the Bounce Rate; must be do that list;
  • Shutting down your tab or internet browser when your page is open
  • An ad click on your page
  • Back by pressing Back button
  • One click on external links in your site
  • Make a new search in the browser’s search box
  • Another adrese orientation by typing a new URL in the browser’s address bar


  • Bounce Rate can be learned without the need for Google Analytics users to deal with difficult computing. To learn your Bounce Rate value in Google Analytics:
  • Log in to your Google Analytics account.
  • Log in to the “Overview” section under the “Audience” tab.
  • Here you can see the Bounce
  • You can access the Rate (Bounce Rate) data.


  • Bounce Rate Calculation
  • The Bounce Rate rate is obtained by subtracting the percentage of users leaving your site without bouncing your page from the total number of users entering your site. Manually
  • The calculation of the Bounce Rate ratio is very difficult, as the calculation of the ratio will require the number of users who leave the site without switching to another page on your site.
  • This analytics data only offers advanced performance analysis tools such as Google Analytics, and these advanced tools do not require you to be tired
  • Bounce Rate is automatically calculated and presented in percentiles.
Bounce rate
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