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  • What is Blogspot? Blogging on Blogspot and Blogspot Templates
  • Blogspot or Blogger is a service that helps internet users who have purchased Google in 2003 to open their blogs. Originally developed by Pyra Labs for the first time, the Blogger system was introduced to internet users in 1999. Shortly thereafter, this service was purchased from Pyra Labs and continues to serve internet users as a product of the Google brand.


  • Blogging on Blogspot
  • Creating a Blogger Blogspot with a highly available infrastructure for personal blogs and community blogs is both very easy and easy to edit as you like. With no need to know any of the software languages, Blogspot can bring you the blogs you want, and you can take the first step to reaching your content to millions.
  • Log in to www.blogger.com to create a Blogger Blogspot instantly. Before you can create a blog on Blogger, you must have a Google Account. If you are not a Google account holder then you can complete your registration in the first place by clicking on the “register” option. If you already have a Google Account, you can sign in to Blogger after you’ve written your account’s username and password.
  • Once you’ve completed the sign-in process, you can take the first step in opening your Blogspot blog by clicking the “Create New Blog” tab within the homepage. From this page you should first select a page title for your blog and then a blog address. All the blogs you create on Blogger will be www.blogname.blogspot.com. In addition, you can only use Blogger’s sub-structure by purchasing a custom domain name of your own.






  • Blogspot Templates
  • The first thing to do when you create your blog is to make a blog-based choice that will not look like users and reflect the spirit of your blog. Blogger offers you numerous possibilities in this regard and offers different blogger themes. If the theme you want is not one of them, you can easily bring your own theme to the theme by editing dozens of theme templates.
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