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  • What does bit mean?
  • In programming and communication, Bit is the smallest and basic unit of information storage and communication or connectivity. The maximum value of information that can be stored by a device or a physical system can normally be found in only two different ways. These cases are usually interpreted as binary numbers (especially numerical verbs) 0 and 1. Logical values ​​can also be interpreted as logical values, true or false, flag or switch, on or off.
  • The electronic equivalents of the logical values ​​are defined as 0 Volts for 0 (actually a voltage very close to zero) and 5 Volts for 1.
  • In theory, a bit in the general sense can be characterized as a binary random variable uncertainty (equally likely 0 or 1).


  • Multiples of bits units definition / measure :
Bit Units
SI prefix Binary prefixes
Name Standard SI Binary use Name (Symbol) Value
kilobit (Kbit) 103 210 kibibit (Kibit) 210
megabit (Mbit) 106 220 mebibit (Mibit) 220
gigabit (Gbit) 109 230 gibibit (Gibit) 230
terabit (Tbit) 1012 240 tebibit (Tibit) 240
petabit (Pbit) 1015 250 pebibit (Pibit) 250
eksabit (Ebit) 1018 260 eksbibit (Eibit) 260
zettabit (Zbit) 1021 270 zebibit (Zibit) 270
yottabit (Ybit) 1024 280 yobibit (Yibit) 280






  • Origin
  • It is an abbreviation of ‘binary digit’ words which means binary digit. Most platforms have 1 byte, 8 bits.


  • Bits and Types
  • In data storage and transfer on a computer, the bit is the smallest file unit.
  • The data sizes are calculated in bytes. A byte consists of 8 bits. From this unit, there are upper floors in the form of small to large, in kilobyte, megabyte, gigabyte, terabyte, petabyte, exabyte zettabyte and yottabyte respectively. Each top floor is 1000 times the size of the previous unit. These units are increasingly known as 1024 times a byte, but this is incorrect. Increasing units in 1024 ‘folds, from small to large respectively; Kibibyte, mebibyte, gibibyte, tebibyte, pedibyte, eksibyte, zebibyte and yobibyte shape.
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