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  • What is Beta? Open Beta and Closed Beta
  • The version of the software that has not yet completed the development process and is published by developers and users to report system errors, is called beta. Beta processes are always problematic processes, so they are not tailored to the end user’s experience. Beta versions can be portrayed as trial versions that have not been fully resolved in your head.


  • The main purpose of distributing Beta for a software is; Users, especially developers, should experiment with the software and report the problems to the software developer or developer team.


  • Beta versions come in two widely different ways for users. These are open beta and closed beta. All beta versions are free and will not be sold for money.






  • What is Open Beta?
  • Open beta versions are software versions that are offered for testing of all users, not just for developers. For example, if you are an extremely normal user and curiously expecting a new version of software, the beta process can test the version by joining the open beta, and you can report to developers what system errors you have encountered as a user. This way, errors in the software can be found and corrected more quickly and the final version of the software can be offered.


  • What is Closed Beta?
  • Closed beta is only software versions that are offered for testing by selected individuals and system developers. Closed betting is usually an invitation. Gmail, one of the most popular email services of the day, was released as a closed beta when it debuted and made available only to invitees. After the beta, the final version was released and Gmail was made available to all users.
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