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  • What does Baidu mean?
  • Baidu (Inc) is a Chinese web service company based in Baidu Campus, founded in January 18th, 2000 and located in Shan Beijing. One of the largest companies in the world, Baidu offers a search engine, audio file service and visual service for Internet sites broadcasting in China.
  • There are a total of 57 popular internet services offered by Baidu to internet users, including Baidu Baike, a Wikipedia-like online information encyclopedia and forum.


  • Although Baidu offers a lot of services to Chinese internet users, the most prominent services are the Baidu search engine and the internet browser called Baidu Browser.


  • In 2000, the company was legalized and formalized by Chinese citizens, Robin Li and Erix Xu. Baidu’s search engine was launched in China and Baidu soon became one of the world’s most popular search engines after Google’s activities in China were stopped for legal reasons.


  • According to December of 2016, Baiudu’s search engine page succeeded in entering the top 10 in the Alexa rank, and even rose to the 4th rank. According to official data released in the last quarter of 2010, Baidu’s search engine database contained 740 million internet pages, 80 million images and 10 million multimedia files.


  • Baidu Browser
  • Baidu Browser is an internet browser developed by Baidu firm that has the fastest and lightest, advanced features that utilize the Chromium platform as an infrastructure. There are two versions of the Baidu Browser available on both desktop and Android operating systems. The Baidu Browser, which aims to surf the Internet with confidence, is distributed completely free of charge and the Baidu search engine is used by default.






  • Baidu Browser’s Featured Features of Desktop Edition;
  • The assistant of Baidu Doctor who can resolve problems with the Internet browser
  • Easily rescued from close-ups
  • You can take a whole page or a certain section of a page via the Internet browser
  • Hold and drag feature allows you to move the video to different tabs and resume playback


  • Featured Features of the Baidu Browser for Android Version;
  • Lightweight and simple design interface
  • Ability to be used on all devices with Android 2.1
  • Advantages of up to 30% faster operation and less resource consumption than other internet browsers
  • 90% data savings thanks to built-in compression
  • Ability to make screen gold from within the browser
  • Night mode feature that reduces power consumption and removes eye strain from the center


  • Baidu Virus
  • There are a lot of software provided by Baidu company, mainly Baidu PC Faster. Although these software are paid software, they are often installed by computer users on computers with free software. If your computer has Baidu related software, it is possible to remove it directly from your computer via Control Panel> Add or Remove Programs menu.


  • In general, the software and services produced by Baidu do not pose any risk to the computer users. Still, some internet hackers can give their viruses a “Baidu service” to make this perception of their own. For this reason, first check the Baidu service installed on your computer for a few minutes on the internet to verify that this is a genuine service. If the service is not a real service, or if it is different than it should be, then your hade computer might be under a virus threat.


  • In this case, uninstalling the software from your computer alone will not be enough. Do not forget to make sure you scan your entire computer for harmful files with a security software that can perform a full version and in-depth computer scan of your computer.
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