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Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR)

  • What is ASMR?
  • The long name is Autonomous sensory meridian response. So ASMR is the reaction of the human brain and therefore the body to some low and constant voices. Asmr is also the common name for some sounds that relieve brain functions. It is also referred to as reptilian brain state by some specialists.


  • Asmr is a situation that everyone in the daily life confronts but does not know the name and what it is. Even in 2000, when researches were started in Europe and America, the name was not put on until 2010. Examples are shown with many videos shared on the Internet. Speaking with a whisper, caressing a hair, touching something, crunching sounds are examples. Other than these, slow movements, brush sounds, paper tear, bag sounds are recorded with low decibels. 3D recording is done with special techniques. Listening with 3D headphones is also more effective.


  • Against these voices, the human body has been exposed with various researches that relieve the body by spreading a feeling of gashing and tingling. Crunching sounds and slow movements reveal that most viewers are relieved and relieved from stress. Therefore, asmr is studied as a type of meditation. In particular, serious research is being carried out on this subject abroad.






  • Asmr is commonly used in people who have a problem with sleep and is being tested on these people. It has been observed that people who suffer from the problem of sleeping dizziness are more easily absorbed into sleep when the records prepared by this method are listened to. Later, stress, fatigue and panic attack in the positive effect on the way was put forward. Some listeners have said that these voices are reminiscent of mother’s compassion and that they are relieved.


  • Asmr is being explored extensively in European countries. Whether or not it will be effective on other diseases continues to be investigated.
Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR)
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