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  • A continent consisting of Australia, mainland Australia, Tasmania, Seram, most of New Guinea (except for the most extreme western and eastern parts), and some of the other neighboring islands.
  • The continent is sometimes known as Sahul, Australasia or Meganezia for its departure from Australia, which is the mainland for technical resources.
  • It is the smallest of the traditional seven coves of the British concept. New Zealand is not part of the Australian continent, but is part of the separate continental continent below the water. In Australia, Australia is part of a larger region known as Australasia and Oceania.
  • The Australian continent stretches over a continental landscape covered with shallow seas. The continent was composed of a single piece of land because the sea level was low at the peak of the last glacial around 18000 BC. In the last ten thousand years, the sea has flooded low-altitude regions and formed the arid and semi-arid New Guinea and Tasmanian islands of the present day.
  • Australia area is 8,600,000 km² (3,269,629 sq mi)
  • Australia Population 36 million (estimated population for Australia, Papua New Guinea, Papua, West Papua, Maluku Islands, Timor, Halmahera etc for 2009)
  • Australia Density 4.2 / km² (11 / sq mi)
  • Australia Countries 3 (parts of Australia, Papua New Guinea and Indonesia)
  • Australia Time zone +8 (Australia)
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