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  • What does astrophysics mean?
  • Astrophysics is the astronomy of the physical and chemical properties of the celestial bodies and phenomena, and their structures.


  • For these examinations, the only source of information is light and other electromagnetic waves emitted by celestial bodies.






  • The information gathered through the instruments that detect these waves are evaluated and interpreted by comparing them with the results obtained in the physics and chemistry sciences.
  • Some areas of study for astrophysicists include their attempts to determine: the properties of milky way, blazar, quasar, dark matter, dark energy, and black holes; whether or not time travel is possible, wormholes can form, or the multiverse exists; and the origin and ultimate fate of the universe.


  • Theoretical astrophysics
  • Theoretical astrophysicists use a wide variety of tools which include analytical models (for example, polytropes to approximate the behaviors of a star) and computational numerical simulations.
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