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  • What is Artesian? (Artesian aquifer) Information about artesian system, well.
  • The artesian term is used for situations where the groundwater in the wells above the water level is elevated. The word artesian, in France; Comes from the town of Artois near Calais, the first artesian well in Europe opened in 1126 and still flowing.


  • Artesian aquifer is briefly pressurized underground waters. It is the water contained in the permeable layer between the two impermeable layers. These types of waters are found on boat-shaped plains and valley floors.


  • There are usually two conditions for the formation of the artesian state;
  • 1) a part of the aquifer is in contact with the surface and the slopes near the surface are inclined for feeding with water,
  • 2) In order to prevent water run-off, it is necessary to find the aquitars above and below the aquifer.


    artesian well

  • Such an aquifer is called a pressurized aquifer. When such a layer is dispersed; The pressure created by the weight above the water forces the water to rise. If there is no friction, the water in the well rises to the water level above the aquifer.


  • Artesian system
  • Describes a system where groundwater creates closed and high hydrostatic pressure. If a well opens into the pressurized aquifer, water can rise above the aquifer level in such systems, thereby reducing the pressure there and pushing the water upward.


  • In order to develop a pressurized aquifer (artesian system) it is necessary to have 3 geological conditions;
  • 1) The aquifer should be confined to impermeable units that prevent water from running down and from above,
  • 2) The rock mass is generally inclined and surfaced to provide aquifer feeding,
  • 3) There must be enough rainfall to fill the aquifer in the feeding area.






  • Fossil water can also be pressurized water if the rocks around it apply sufficient pressure. This is similar to the pressurization of the new graded oil wells. Because the geological conditions necessary for the development of artesian (pressurized) waters can occur in various forms, artesian systems are found in many places under sedimentary rocks.


  • The artesian term, the artesian well and the artesian spring contain the subheadings;


  • Artesian well
  • The water level at a well in a pressurized aquifer generally rises to a higher level than that of the aquifer. In such cases the well is called an artesian well and is expressed under artesian conditions. In some cases, the water level can also rise above the ground surface. Such a case is called an artesian well that gushes into the well and is expressed under gushing artesian conditions.


  • Artesian spring
  • There are many artesian spring. If a fault or broken water is intersected by a pressurized aquifer that allows it to rise above the aquifer, this type of source(spring, supply) occurs. In the desert, savagery is a widespread source of artefacts.


  • Water obtained from artesian well and artesian source
  • It is natural that some of the artesian waters have some superior quality than other underground waters. Some underground waters may be perfectly qualified, but their quality does not depend on the aquatic ascension. Instead, the quality of the water is influenced by the dissolved minerals and the materials it contains. So there is no difference from underground water.
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