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Animal list that have been sent to space

  • Animals Traveling to Space
  • Animal list that have been sent to space
  • Initially, the animals were sent to investigate whether living systems could survive in low-lying, low gravity environments. Nowadays the animals have begun to be sent to investigate another phenomenon. New investigations have begun to examine the behavior of animals in a foreign environment. In this post we will give you a list of some of the animals that make space travel.


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  • Space traveller animals

  • Water bears, small invertebrate creatures called “tardigrade“, They managed to survive for 10 days in direct contact with the space cavity.


  • Mankind has been sending different animals since the beginning of space technology. A large majority of these animals are condemned to death. Two thirds of the primates sent by the United States are not surviving. Who at first directed this difficult test to humanity?


    Space traveller animals

  • These animals are used to test whether living systems can survive in space flights or in low gravity environments. The first animals to travel to space are fruit flies. This experiment was conducted on February 20, 1947 to investigate the effects of exposure to radiation at high altitudes.


  • These walks have helped scientists to understand the motion sickness that took place in low gravity and to examine the instinctive behavior of animals in a foreign environment. At the same time, it helped us to understand the losses in muscles, bones and tendons in low gravity. Further research on animal in space has also helped me to understand the muscle atrophy in people with limited physical activity.


  • Until today, countries such as the former Soviet Union, the United States, France, Iran, Argentina, China and Japan have sent animals to remote locations. Here are some of the animals sent to the far;






  • Space traveller Dogs:
  • In the 1950s, the Former Soviet Union sent dogs on many sub-orbit and orbital space flights to determine whether space travel was safe enough for humans. During this period, Russians sent dogs to the area about 57 times. However, since some dogs fly more than once, the number of dogs used on flights is less. Most of the dogs traveled safely to their homes. Soviet street dog “Laika” is the first dog to orbit the world.


  • Space traveller Monkeys:
  • Space traveller animals

  • A total of about 32 apes have been sent to space by the United States, France, the former Soviet Union, Argentina and recently by countries like Iran. The first experiments were conducted to investigate the biological effects of space travel. The monkeys were anesthetized before the launch. Rhesus monkeys, cynomolgus monkeys, squirrel monkeys, and southern pig tail were used in these experiments. Albert II was the first monkey to survive flight in space, but he died because the parachute in the rocket capsule did not open.


  • Space traveller Cats:
  • The two cats were sent by the French “Center d’Enseignement et de Recherches de Médecine Aéronautique” (CERMA) on 18 October 1963 and 24 October 1963. The cat named Félicette survived a fifteen minute flight. Félicette has placed electrodes on his brain to record nerve impulses throughout the entire trip. Unfortunately, the other cat did not survive because it took longer than usual to remove it from the capsule.


  • Space traveller Mice:
  • In the 1950s, the US sent several mice to the outskirts. On August 31, 1950, the United States sent its first fleet long ago. The shuttle carrying this mouse has traveled 137 km over the earth. The mice did not survive because the mackerel’s parachute system did not work. Other countries that have succeeded in sending rodents in the distance are Russia and China.


  • Space traveller Spiders:
  • On July 28, 1973, two garden spiders, Anita and Arabella, were thrown away with Skylab 3. This experiment was to examine how spiders were affected by their ability to crawl and hunt in a low gravity environment. In May 2011, Endeavor carried away two spiders named Esmeralda and Gladys, named space shuttle.
Animal list that have been sent to space
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