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  • What is Android? Android Programming and Android Market
  • It is a mobile operating system developed by Android, Google and the Open Handset Alliance, which has a high user base in today’s mobile devices. Java-based Android, an open source operating system that allows everyone to develop applications, has been published with 12 different code names to date.
  • Google Android Official Page: http://www.google.com/mobile/android/


  • Android Programming
  • The Android operating system, which allows all developers with an open source code structure, is also looking forward to developing applications and games.
  • The Android operating system allows you to build games and applications developed using java infrastructure. The Android Developers page Google has created for those interested in developing apps for Android speaks in English about ways to follow to develop a simple app. You can start Android programming by installing the Android Studio and SDK Manager add-ons.



  • Although developing an application specific to the Android operating system may seem complicated and difficult, there are also applications built for it that have downgraded the code to the bottom. With the AppInventor program by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), you can quickly build your Android applications.







  • Android Market
  • Google Play, known as the Android Market, where you can review apps from Android, the open source operating system, and install your own applications, has been hosting Android apps since 2012.


  • Google Play lists Android operating system apps in categories and Android versions. Google Play, which allows you to find the kind of games and apps you want with paid-for free, the newest-most popular sorting, also allows developers to publish their apps.


  • Google Play charges an annual fee of US $ 25 to broadcast through app developers’ systems. After signing up for the Google Play Developer Console, you can upload your .apk file to the appropriate categories on the market.
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