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Anchor text

  • What does anchor text mean?
  • When creating anchor in anchor text, the link is worded rather than lean. With anchor text, the link can provide information about the link instead of giving it directly to the user, and we can provide this information to both search engines and users.


  • Anchor text is valuable for search engine optimization as well as for users and search engines. If you have an Anchor Text, the search engines will recognize the bots as keywords and think that the link is a page related to the word given in Anchor Text. For this reason it is very important that you know what Anchor Text is as a webmaster or blogger, or know how to use it effectively.






  • Creating Anchor Text is quite simple. You can see how Anchor Text came to the median by looking at the template below;

<a href=”http://siteadress.com”> Anchor Text </a>

  • As you can see in the above link example, the space that the Anchor Text text corresponds to is the Anchor Text attached to a link. So let’s also look at how we can use Anchor Text in terms of SEO or functionally;


  • When “What is” is included in the “What is the Wik.” Citation, Anchor Text will give the search engine the result that this link may be a related site. For example;

<a href=”http://www.whatisthewik.com”> What is </a> the Wik.

  • We can provide anchor text with “What is” of the link we gave using the form.
  • Anchor Texts are important for search engines as well as for directing users and enhancing content. For example, let’s say you want to send your user to another page in a certain place in the content. Instead of directly linking to the page at this stage, you can make the “Click here” part anchor text, prevent the link from standing in the middle, and use it more usefully in terms of aesthetics and user experience.
Anchor text
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