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Alabama State


  • Where is the state of Alabama?, What are the characteristics of Alabama?
  • Alabama is a state in the United States. The neighbors of the state of Alabama include Tennessee in the north, Georgia in the east, Florida in the south, and Mississippi in the west. The date of joining Alabama in the United States is 1861. Montgomery is the capital of the Alabama state in the south-east of the United States.



  • Alabama State History
  • The first inhabitants of the province of Alabama are the inhabitants of this region 10,000 years old. After the discovery of the Alabama region along with the 16th century, it is stated that the area is occupied by the names of Kriks, Cherokies, Choktavs and Chikasos. Alabama province’s first connection to Europe was thanks to Hernando de Soto, who came to look for treasure in this area. The region witnessed many different wars between 1700 and 1800. First, the French, British and Spanish wanted to establish their sovereignty in the region. Then the land of Alabama was formed in 1817 and then it was settled as a state in 1819 with the settlement of the indigenous people.


  • Alabama’s Geography and Climate
  • The upper view of the state of Alabama resembles a rectangle. The north and south lengths are exactly 540 km and the eastern and western lengths are exactly 336 km. In Alabama, which has a temperate climate, the average temperature of the year is 17 degrees. Rainfall can be seen every month of the year in Alabama, a rainy area, and the average monthly amount is scattered. The land of the Alabama province has a favorable structure for agriculture.


  • Population of Alabama State
  • The development of Alabama is pretty fast. The climate and territory of the provincial district is quite convenient. The population of Birmingham and Mobile towns of Alabama, which has an indigenous population of 10 thousand people as its first population, is over 200 thousand. Four quarters of the entire population of the state of Alabama is whites, four of which are blacks.


  • Alabama State Religion
  • 92% of the population living in the state of Alabama is a Christian. In the 92% part of Christians, 80% of them are protected by Catholics. Although it is not yet finalized in the state of Alabama, it is stated that between 6% and 7% is still not belonging to any religion.



  • Alabama State Economy
  • As we mentioned in the geography and climate heading of the Alabama province, the land is highly productive. Because of this, especially cotton production has been done quite a lot. Until 1915, Alabama province was the only economically based cotton producer, while a wolf emerged from the state led the state’s people to different areas. In western Alabama, where cotton production is still in progress, people are working on soybeans, corn, peanuts and forest products because of the worms that damage cotton fields. In Alabama, farming as well as animal husbandry are also being carried out. Pork and cattle breeding together with poultry are quite common. Birmingham, known for its iron and coal centers, is regarded as the industrial center of Alabama.






  • Education in Alabama
  • For the most important education in the state of Alabama, the first institution that draws attention is the Alabama University, which serves with the name of the state. The campus of the central campus of Alabama University, Alabama’s most important education center, is located in the city of Tuscaloosa. Alabama University also has campuses (campuses) in Hunstville and Birmingham.
  • Another important educational institution in the state of Alabama is Auburn University. Attracting attention as an advanced university in the field of engineering, Auburn University provides education both in the city of Auburn, where it is named, and in the capital city of Montgomeryde, the capital of the Alabama state.


  • Apart from Auburn University and Alabama University, the other remarkable educational institutions are as follows;
  • University of Alabama – Huntsville
  • Alabama University – Birmingham
  • Auburn University – Montgomery
  • Southern Alabama University (Mobile)
  • Northern Alabama University (Florence)
  • Stillman College (Tuscaloosa)
  • Shelton State College (Tuscaloosa)
  • Troy University (Troy)
  • Gadsden College (Gadsden)


  • Most Crowded Cities in Alabama
  • Within the Alabama state there are many cities with large and small populations.
  • The top 10 cities with the most populous population among these cities are as follows according to population distribution;
  • Birmingham – Hoover – Cullman CSA – 1.170.012
  • Mobile-Daphne – Fairhope CSA – 567.625
  • Montgomery – 397.961
  • Huntsville – 368.661
  • Tuscaloosa – 196.885
  • Decatur MSA – 149.629
  • Florence – Muscle Shoals – 142.950
  • Dothan – 136.594
  • Auburn – Opelika – 123.254
  • Anniston – Oxford – 112.240
  • Gadsden – 104,000


  • Where is Alabama
  • Alabama, a state affiliated to the United States, is a region that usually advertises its name with storms and hurricanes. At the same time, Alabama, a region that has managed to attract a very high number of tourists, is among the states that are important for American history.


  • What are the Features of Alabama State?
  • One of the most important features of Alabama, which you can go to in America,
  • It is the ideal hunting ground for those who are interested in hunting. It’s the best place you can hunt the White-tailed Deer in America. Positive effect by transforming the fountain for tourism purposes Tuscaloosa is the most preferred city for hunting in Alabama.
  • Another cause of America’s preoccupation is that the American Space and Rocket Center is here. You can visit this area in Huntsville, Alabama and enjoy three-dimensional views.
  • For golfers and those looking to play golf, the Alabama state must visit the coastal city of Gulf Shores.


Alabama State
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