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  • Afro-Eurasian; Abraxian, Eurasian, African-Eurasian or Afro-Eurasian are the terms that define Africa and Eurasia as a single continent. The continents that make up the whole cover about 85% of the world’s population (about 5.7 billion people). This continent is also known as Old World.
  • Geographically, Africa and Eurasia are divided by the Suez Canal. In addition, Eurasia is divided into Europe and Asia (geographically divided rather than culturally).
  • Some scholars refer to it as Avrastersia, although these terms have not been universal. In the geopolitics, the mainland of Africa-Eurasia (except islands such as British Isles, Japan and Madagascar) is referred to as the World Island. This is the largest continent of the planet.
  • Old World Africa-Eurasia and the surrounding islands.
  • Eurasia (Asia + Europe)
  • Asia
  • North Asia
  • West Asia
  • Middle Asia
  • East Asia
  • South Asia
  • Southeast Asia
  • European
  • North Europe
  • West Europe
  • Middle Europe
  • Eastern Europe
  • Southern Europe
  • Africa
  • North africa
  • West Africa
  • Central Africa
  • East Africa
  • South Africa
  • In geological terms, Africa-Eurasia will be superb by the impact of Africa on Europe. This event will probably take place after 600,000 years from now, when the southern hills of Spain have reached Africa. When this happens, the Mediterranean will be separated from the Atlantic Ocean. It is expected that Africa will hit Europe in 50 million years from today, the closure of the Mediterranean and the arrival of new mountain ranges (by adding to the Alps)
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