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  • What is Advertorial? Advertorial Advertisement and Advertorial Advertisement Example
  • Advertorial is an ad that is integrated with the content and served as an editorial content to the target audience. It was first used in 1946 and it has been used for advertising for years.
  • In advertorial advertisements, instead of offering the ad directly, the target is attracted to the content of the kit, and in the content portion of the content, the highlighted ad is highlighted. In this way, the target users are considered to have benefited from both the content and fulfillment of the purpose of advertisement display. The quality of advertorial advertising is also important in terms of maximizing the recycling rate.
  • The word “Advertorial” in English comes from the combination of “advertisement” for advertising and “editorial” for editorial.


  • Advertorial Advertisement
  • People have realized something very important since the first years of advertising. When people learned that the content they had benefited was an advertisement, they thought that it forced them to compel them, and they were moving away from it. At the same time, the returns from advertisements made in this way were extremely low.


  • There was another way for advertisers to serve ads to different people later on with the Advertorial advertising model. In commercial advertising, the main purpose is to be useful to the user and to provide useful content. In this way, the user makes use of the content and the perception of the advertisement is realized in the middle or the end of the content. On this count, the user both reads the ad from start to finish and is interested in the ad because of the way the ad is served to it.


  • Advertorial advertisements today; Has been accepted as one of the highest-recycling advertising models used in almost all media, including television, radio, magazines, newspapers, books and the internet.






  • Advertorial Advertisement Example
  • Whether we are aware or not, we actually encounter dozens or even hundreds of Advertorial advertisements every day. We do not get bothered with both of the Advertorial ads and enjoy using the Advertorial advertisements as a consumer as the content is not being served directly to us, primarily because it is being used as a benefit for the users.


  • Advertorial advertising content is just about everywhere as we say it, but it’s important to know exactly which concept is advertorial. Now, for example, you have exchanged information about what you read so far in the text. You have even learned what Advertorial is, where it is used, and even the history of the concept. If we add a small paragraph at the end of this content that will place the ad of an advertising agency, that content will also become an example of an Advertorial ad.


  • Advertorial advertisements are shown to the user as normal and casual content and are in the form of ordinary content, but at the end of the page, there is an ad text that is relevant to that content, and even possible information such as a website, email address or telephone information is added. Thus an Advertorial ad is served to users who benefit from the content until the end of the text.


  • Advertorial ads do not apply to text only. Advertorial advertising campaign can be done in a radio program and in a video content. What is important is that the content is no different from the actual content, the user adds value to the content, and the content section of the content is absolutely related to the advertising section in a certain part of the content.
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