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Addon Domain

  • What does addon domain mean?
  • Addon Domain (Additional Domain Name) is the ability to host multiple domains on a single hosting service. By purchasing a hosting package with Addon Domain support, users can host multiple sites on a single hosting account without having to pay extra for each site.


  • The Addon Domain should not be confused with the account type we give the Reseller name. Because Reseller accounts allow Hosting to offer a separate panel for Hosting, users need to manage their sites from a single panel. For example, if a.com is our first site and you are a cpanel of this site. Through this cPanel we can use b.com domain as my common name on a.com‘s Hosting by defining my name as addon domain.


  • But, we will still need to have the knowledge of a.com to access the FTP of this website. Likewise, for cPanel, you will still need information from a.com. However, in some panel releases, the dependency on FTP can be removed by performing an extra username and password entry for FTP.


  • So Addon Domains are just a supported hosting account and hosting is your sole responsibility and it is only a convenience that makes sense to use it in the time you need only access.






  • Thanks to Addon Domain, it is a more economical solution to meet your needs by paying only one hosting package bill instead of buying different hosting packages for every internet site and paying to all. Addon Domains offers the advantage of providing control over internet users with many websites through a single master control mechanism.



  • Adding Addon Domain from cPanel 
  • To add an Addon Domain to cPanel, log in to cPanel. Some service providers will forward your cPanel information directly to you, and in this case you can access cPanel by placing the “: 2082” suffix (eg http://whatisthewik.com:2082) at the end of your site’s URL. Immediately after logging in to cPanel;
  • Log in to the Add-on Domain Names (Addon Domain or Additional Domain Names) section.
  • In the “New Domain Name” section, type the name of the other website you want to use as Addon Domain.
  • In the “FTP User Name” section, type a user name to identify a separate user to this Addon. You can also write down the name of your site in order for it to be memorable.
  • Leave the “Root Directory” option as it is.
  • Type your password in the “Password” section
  • Finish adding by clicking on the “Add Domain” button.
Addon Domain
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