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A Record

  • What is A Record?
  • A Record is a record containing information about which IP address your domain name will be forwarded to. With A records, we can provide a direct domain name to identify the IP address of this domain instead of accessing IP addresses of internet sites. This is why the term “record” refers to the abbreviation of the words “Address“.


  • A Record
  • Record A is a record of another record and its national name is A Record. So A Record and A Record are not different terms but only universal difference. A records are used whenever you want to log in to a web site, send an email, download a file, or do almost anything you do on the internet.
  • For example, to get to the Whatisthewik site, you had to write down the IP address, which would be hard to remember, and it would take a long time to log in. When we log in and log in to whatisthewik.com thanks to the A records, the domain registration automatically leads us to WhatIsTheWik’s IP address. Thus, we have the opportunity to enter the web site we want with the help of short-distance and practical registration.
  • A Record can be said to be the most basic and most basic of the DNS records. DNS servers also benefit from registration information, which is called a Record when you are referring to a website primarily. Whether or not we are aware indirectly, we use A Record frequently while we use the internet.






  • A Record, How To Do It?
  • In order to define A record ie A record, you have to login to the admin panel of your domain name and enter the domain where you can register the domain name. From this section, it will suffice to define Hosting, that is the IP value of remote server, in A record.
  • A recording is also used for subdomains. For subdomains, it is enough to set the A record as the remote host IP address in the same way, but remember that the subdomain must be created on the server before doing this determination.
A Record
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