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401 Error

  • What does 401 error mean?
  • 401 is a HTTP status code error that is reflected on the screen when you want to access a page or file where the necessary authorization permissions are not found. You may have many different reasons for having a 401 status code, but the most common reason is that you have not logged in to a page that you want to access in order to gain access, with a valid user account. By logging on to the site with a valid user ID and password combination, you can easily resolve 401 errors.


  • The 401 error can be confronted by users with different codes and error codes on all web servers. You may encounter these errors regardless of the internet browser, computer, device or operating system you are using. The most common variations of the 401 HTTP status error codes are as follows;
  • 401 Unauthorized
  • Authorization Required
  • HTTP Error 401 – Unauthorized
  • 401 Unauthorized Entry
  • 401 Access Denied


  • 401 Error
  • A HTTP status code 401 error is encountered in cases where the identity of the user or account can not be verified by the server. For example, you will enter a category in a forum site, but if you have not entered a member, you may encounter a 401 error because only members can enter that domain. If you are a member of a site and you want to access the site’s admin panel, you may still face 401 error because you are unauthorized.
  • The most common reasons for encountering a 401 error are programmatic errors in some cases, or inability to configure file permissions correctly, which can lead to confusion. You can try resolving your problem by following the instructions below for resolving 401 errors.


  • 401 Error Solution
  • Be sure to check the URL address and try to enter a valid address. If the URL address is misspelled and you only want to reach the one where authorized users can switch, you will get a 401 error.






  • Unless you are sure the URL is correct and valid, check the main page to see if there is space to securely login. If so, create an account or try accessing your destination again after logging in using your existing account.


  • If the site you are trying to access does not require special access permissions, please contact the site administrator and ask for support by explaining the access restriction problem you are experiencing.


  • Sometimes you can accept your account unauthorized if you change your password while Internet sites are signed in. Please log in again and make sure that the information that helps you log in, such as username and password, is correct.
401 Error
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