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400 Bad Request

  • What does 400 Bad Request mean?
  • 400 Bad Request is the HTTP status code 400 code number that occurs when the Web server can not complete the requested operation. If you encounter this error, the remote server may not be able to perform the operation you requested, or the server may not understand your request completely.
  • 400 error code usually appears on the screen as “400 Bad Request“, but for web servers using different software, this error code can be presented to the user with different headers. Except for “Bad Requst“, sometimes the HTTP 400 error code is reflected on the screen in the following variations;
  • “400 Bad Request”
  • “Bad Request.” Your browser could not understand this server.
  • “Bad Request – Invalid URL”
  • “HTTP Error 400 – Bad Request”
  • “Bad Request: Error 400”
  • “HTTP Error 400. The request hostname is invalid.”
  • “400 – Bad request. The request could not be understood by the server due to malformed syntax.


  • HTTP 400 Error Reasons
  • There may be many reasons behind the failure of the HTTP 400 error. Generally speaking, the reasons for your encountering the HTTP 404 error and status code are:
  • Incomplete or incorrect URL processing is being attempted.
  • There is a problem with the browser’s cookies.
  • There are DNS issues.
  • Your internet browser has a problem with caching.
  • 400 Bad Request Error Resolution


  • There are different steps that you need to follow as a user and system administrator to resolve this situation code error. For this reason, start by trying the solutions suggested under the headings given below.






  • To solve 400 Bad Request Error as user;
  • There may be an error in the URL path you are using to complete the operation. Check the URL and remove such external URL characters from the URL, as the% signs in the URL may cause this error.
  • Clear the cookies of the internet browser you are using.
  • Clear your DNS cache.
  • Clear the front of your Internet browser.
  • If this is not the case, contact the website administrator.


  • As a webmaster to solve 400 Bad Request Error;
  • Check your server for connectivity issues.
  • Check that you have encountered an error when you are logged in via a different internet browser and connections.
  • Reset cookie and front memory for used software.
  • Restart the server services.
  • If none of the above methods work out, talk about the connection problem you are experiencing by communicating with your service provider, but remember that 4XX error codes are often mistakes that are not server but user resources.
400 Bad Request
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